From Vilnius airport to the city center| Vilnius with local tours (2023)

Vilnius Airport is just over 6 kilometers from Vilnius City Center or Vilnius Old Town. You can get to the city by public transport or by taxi, as well as the popular Uber or Bolt. Public transport timetables can be found at the airport exit (blue screens with train and bus timetables). Here are different ways to get to the city center from Vilnius Airport:

1. From Vilnius airport to the city center BY BUS
2. From Vilnius airport to the city center BY TRAIN
3. How to get to the city center from Vilnius Airport BY TAXI, UBER or BOLT
4. How to get from Vilnius airport to the city center with CITYBEE?

This is definitely the cheapest way to get to the center. Below you will find all the useful information about prices, tickets, schedules and bus numbers.


You can usually buy a bus ticket (€1) from the bus driver (you can only pay in cash). It is only valid for one bus/trolley trip and must be stamped in a red or yellow machine (usually found by the driver).DANGER! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no longer possible to purchase tickets from the conductor.

We strongly recommend that you buy public transport tickets on your phone! If you have data, you can download it.traffic application(You might even have it, as it's used in other cities as well) to buy tickets on your phone (EUR 0.65 for a 30-minute ride or EUR 0.90 for a 60-minute ride). In this case, all you need is your phone and card. Choose the best ticket for you, buy it and don't forget to ACTIVATE it as soon as you get on the bus. Don't worry if your phone dies. If the control checks you, they have porters so you can prove that you really have a ticket ;) 30 minutes of passage should be enough to get to the city center from Vilnius airport.

Another application that you can download for public transport tickets is the official application of the city of Vilnius.Ticket M., but last time we checked it was only in Lithuanian.

If you plan to use public transport more than once during your stay in Vilnius and you do not have data on your phone, you should consider purchasing a Vilnius card ("Vilniečio kortelė"). The card costs 1.5 euros. With this card, a 30 card costs 0.64 euros, a 60 card costs 0.93 euros. It is also possible to buy tickets for 1 day, 3 days, 10 days or 30 days. You can buy the card and top up money or tickets at the “Narvesen” kiosk at the airport (In the city center the “Vilnius card” can also be bought at other “Narvesen” kiosks as well as “Lietuvos spauda”, “Spauda”, “Correos Máxima” kiosks and supermarkets.Mapto find the location closest to you). When boarding the bus, look for a yellow box. You have to touch it with your "Vilniečio kortelė" and choose which ticket you want to activate. When placing a day pass, simply tap the yellow box and wait for the "beep" to sound. Your day pass is now activated and is valid for the next 24 hours. If you tap on it again, you will see how long the ticket is valid for. If you plan to stay in Vilnius for a long period of time, this day pass card is very useful if you don't want to use apps on your phone, but consider downloading the apps.


Bus #1 Airport – Bus/Train Stationabout 15 minutes by car

Bus #2 Airport – Bus/Train Station (Airport – Train Station)about 20 minutes by car

The bus/train station is about a 10-15 minute walk from Vilnius Old Town.

Bus no. 88 airport - city center - Europaplatz.If you are staying in Vilnius Old Town, you should get off at the Aušrosvartaior MO muziejus stop (about 15 minute ride).

bus no. 3G Flughafen – Stadtzentrum – Fabijoniškės*If you need to go to Vilnius city center, get off at Juozo Tumos Vaižganto or Green Bridge (Žaliasis tiltas) stops (about 15-20 minutes by car).


You can check Vilnius bus routes and schedules on your Trafi or m.Ticketapps or you can find them English website. In addition, there are screens with schedules near the exits of Vilnius airport.

Approximately every 40-60 minutes a new modern train runs from the airport to the main station. The journey takes only 7-9 minutes and the ticket is only €0.70! If you have a lot of luggage, this might be the best way to get to the city from Vilnius airport, as the train is much bigger and more comfortable than the buses. Again, it takes 10-15 minutes to walk from the train station to the city of Vilniusold.


you can look them upschedulesfrom Vilnius airport to train stations in advance to see if it will fit your flight. The schedule is only in Lithuanian, but pay attention to the stop.Airportwhich means airport in Lithuanian.


You can buy tickets online atOfficial website of the Lithuanian Railways. It is not necessary to print the ticket. Just be ready to show it on your phone. It costs 0.70 euros.

If you decide to take a taxi from the airport, be careful not to get ripped off! Normally, locals never leave taxis waiting in front of the airport exit. They are usually very expensive! Vilnius airport is very close to the city center. It should take about 15 minutes to get to your hotel/apartment.

We usually call a taxi by phone or use an app (Bolt, Uber, etc.) (the airport address is Rodūnios kl. 10A, Vilnius 02189, Lietuva). To get to the city center from Vilnius airport, locals usually pay €5-6, but if you are a foreigner, taxi drivers usually charge more. It's always a good idea to agree on a price before you get in the car.Don't pay more than10 €!

We recommend using itSCREWS,Uber oelectronic taxiapp When you book a ride through the app, you'll see the price up front. Uber and Bolt have a designated pickup area in one of their parking lots that you can see on their apps.

If you call a taxi yourself, wait for it before "Departure" (not "Arrival"!). If you arrive in Vilnius during the day, you can also request a taxi at the Tourist Information Center.

As the world is rocked by the global pandemic, you may want to avoid all contact with other people when traveling to the city from Vilnius Airport. This is possible with the CityBee car sharing system. You will need to download the app and register with your valid Class B driver's license and then go to the designated CityBee parking lot. When you arrive at your hotel/apartment in the city center, simply leave your car next to it. Carpooling can be helpful if you plan to use cars more frequently during your stay. checkCitybee's websitefor prices and conditions.

Here are four ways to get to the city center from Vilnius Airport. Depending on your preferences, choose the best for you. After settling in the city center or Vilnius Old Town, you can start exploring the new city. Not sure how to explore Vilnius? We can help! A walking tour is the easiest way to discover a new city with local guides who can also give you lots of useful tips and recommendations on what else to do in Vilnius. We recommend that you always start your visit with an overviewVilnius Free Walking Touraround Vilnius old town and Uzupis. If a city walking tour is not enough for you, you can find all of our free Vilnius city walking tours and paid Vilnius city walking tours by browsing our website. Good luck and see you soon on one of our Vilnius city tours!

Don't forget, a quick and easy way to save money on your flight to Vilnius is to reserve airport parking in advance through a comparison website. While many of us save on airport parking until the last minute, reserving early can save you up to 60% compared to buying a last-minute or same-day parking spot. A good example is Parkhero, a comparison site for UK travelers with an easy to use comparison tool. If you likeParking near Manchester airport, simply select your airport, enter your travel dates, and get a complete breakdown of available options, starting with the cheapest. Many of these sites, including Parkhero, do not charge a booking fee and do not require you to create a time-consuming account. To find a similar site for your country, simply type "compare airport parking" into a search engine.

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