How to fix a straw cowboy hat at home using basic tools? -kye fashion (2023)

While a straw hat looks good on you, it is prone to scratches and tears. When storing or transporting the hat, it can be accidentally crushed.

Since straw can tear and eventually cause a hole in the hat, you should learn how to repair a straw cowboy hat so you can wear it longer.

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How to fix a bent/crumpled straw cowboy hat?

How to fix a straw cowboy hat at home using basic tools? -kye fashion (1)

Fixing a straw cowboy hat is easy.

Sometimes all it takes is a little steam to bring your old hat back to its former glory. You can iron the hat if it's too loose.

– Steam and wet the hat –

Step 1. Put some steam in the lid.

Wetting the hat is a good first step. Using a steamer is the most common way to steam a straw hat.

First, steam the entire brim of the hat with a hair dryer. The fibers are loosened by the steam.

When the hat is heated with steam, it returns to its original shape.Instead of a steamer, you can use steam from a pot of boiling water.

However, when working with hot water, you need to be extremely careful.

Pause the process for a few minutes if the steam seems to oversaturate the hat.

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step 2.Lift the flap and spray around the entire perimeter.

Straw hats can be damaged or injured by steam, so keep steam least 6 to 8 inchesAway from them. Put the brim back on the hat.

Inject steam into the hat's crown and channel it around the brim. The dents in the hat should start to show as the steam builds.

However, steamers and irons must not come into contact with the straw. Continue heating the hat until it iswettoque.

Don't worry about getting the hat too wet because that's what will straighten it out.

Step 3. Wethat with water

If boiling the hat doesn't work, the second option you can try is to soak it.

The brim of a tattered straw hat works well for this method. Water can be sprinkled on the hat.

(Video) how to restore a straw hat!

Straw will return to its original shape as it dries, as moisture makes it more malleable.

Spray a small mist of water on the hat. The crown of the hat can be submerged in warm water if that doesn't work.

To prevent the straw from tearing,prevent the hat from getting too dry.

Swirl it around in the bowl a few times to make sure it's completely soaked.

After getting the hat wet, you must use your fingers or another object to bend the hat back to its original shape.

Don't worry about getting a straw cowboy hat wet, even if it's a little scary. One of the most common ways to reshape a hat is this technique.

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Step 4Let the hat air dry before putting it away.

When finished cooking or soaking, let the straw hat air dry for a few hours.

Also, if the hat does not return to its original shape after steaming or dampening, try again.

It all depends on the hat and damage. There are some hats that only need steaming or dampening once, others need more.

If possible, try to use just a spray or moisturizer, as you don't want to be constantly reshaping a hat.

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– hat redesign –

Step 1.To shape the hat, roll up a towel.

Instead of getting it wet or heating it, try to get it back to its original form.

There's nothing wrong with putting a little water on the towel if needed. The extra moisture allows the straw to relax even more.

In other words, the towel serves as the head. Place the straw hat on the towel roll.

Wait for it to dry a bit before taking off the straw hat. Be sure to spread out the towel as much as possible before inserting the lid.

If you're on vacation and don't have other hat-sized items available, the towel method is a good option.

Another option is to use tissue paper or pieces of newspaper to stuff the hat.

(Video) How to Clean a Straw Cowboy Hat at Home

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step 2.Place a round object in the hat.

A bowl or other round object that fits snugly inside the hat can be used in place of the towel. Try this method to get your head back:

You can also use weights, clips, or strings to hold the hat in place so it returns to its normal shape.

Make sure the object you choose is the right size for the crown of the hat, otherwise it won't work.

You can damage the hat if the brim is too big. The crown of the hat must be able to hold any object that is the right size and shape.

Stage 3.Align the hat.

The brim of the hat should be ironed over the edge of a cutting board.

Apply a little moisture to the brim of the hat. Set the iron on a medium to high temperature to allow steam to escape from the iron.

Iron over the brim of the hat on a damp towel. Do not leave the iron on the edge and press gently but quickly.

You don't want to burn the straw if you don't.

Rotate the brim to move the hat in all directions at once. Blouses need to be ironed. Depending on the style, tops require special attention.

Straw must be handled with extreme care when using an iron.

To prevent the hat from burning, place a damp cloth between the iron and the straw.

The straw inside the hat is already damaged from the initial crushing, so be careful not to crush it again.

Once the straws start to break and come loose, the hat doesn't stand up to repeated use.

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How do I fix a tear in a straw cowboy hat?

How to fix a straw cowboy hat at home using basic tools? -kye fashion (2)

There are situations where precautionary measures are not enough. There's no need to freak out when your priceless straw hat breaks.

It is always preferable to fix a small bug instead of leaving it alone. A small crack is like a small dent in the windshield that has not been fixed.

(Video) Shaping A Straw Hat

The hat will eventually become unusable due to the growing crack.

Here are the solutions on how to fix cracked straw cowboy hat.

1.Elmer's Glue can be used to mend your straw cowboy hat if you discover a small break..

However, fix your hat with acrown repair stripis usually the best option.

The straw is held together by these strips, preventing further tearing. Repair strips can also be used to prevent the straw from breaking.

These patch strips are also included on certain straw hats to reinforce the crown and prevent them from breaking.

Here is the video how to fix small tears in straw cowboy hats with crown strap.

2. Hold the hat by the brimThis can help prevent the straw from breaking around the crown.

While the crown is more rigid, the brim is much more forgiving. Gussets and blocks are commonly used to stiffen the crown of Straw Hats.

Because of this, there is a noticeable difference in strength between the crown felt and the brim.

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How do you protect your straw cowboy hat from creasing and tearing?

Once you've learned how to repair a straw cowboy hat, it's best to check out how to keep it from bending and tearing with prolonged use.

1. Buy a block of hats

They are styrofoam heads to put your straw cowboy hat on when you don't want to wear it.

This is the only way for the hat to return to its original form as it is a doll.

You won't have a hard time finding them. Many cosmetic stores sell them because they are commonly used to store wigs.

A styrofoam wig head is all you need to get started. The Styrofoam block should be placed over a steaming or wet hat.

Adjust the position of the block so that it is secure. When you're not wearing your hat, simply place it on a head pad to keep it secure.

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(Video) How To Shape a Straw Cowboy Hat at Home

2. Cover the hat with a heavy object

To prevent the brim from bending, place the item on the brim of the cowboy hat.

1.Placing something like an ice bucket on top of a garbage can or small trash can works.

Hats have a large area at the top of the crown for the item to fit.

2.The edge of the basket or bucket must be crushed by the container's own weight.

However, the container should be big enough that your straw hat doesn't get crushed.

3.Flattening a flat straw brim, not repairing defects in the crown of the hat, is the aim of this technique, not the other way around.

3. Protect the hat

Remember, the first thing you want to do is make sure your hat doesn't get wrinkled in the slightest.

There are techniques to maintain the shape of your hat.

1.If you travel, store your hat in a hatbox or wear it on your head while you're there. Straw Hats are a nightmare waiting to happen when they slip into a suitcase.

2.Be careful not to turn the hat over and over as this could cause the straw to break. The crown and brim of the hat should not be too thin.

3.You can use 12 tsp.hydrogen peroxidej12 teaspoons of warm waterto clean lightweight straw hats.

Mix 12 tsp.Ammoniaswindler1/3 cup of waterto clean dark straw hats. Dampening some velvet and rubbing your hat with it is another option.

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Many hat lovers fear that their straw hats will become deformed and unbalanced after long-term storage.

The forgiving nature of straw, especially high-quality straw, means you should be able to mend a straw hat this way.

Straw hats that do not have an internal loop can be safely steamed. Steam the straws with an iron and then smooth the material with your hands.

If you need to unroll the brim of a misshapen straw hat, place something heavy along the brim and steam to smooth the edges.


How can I fix my straw hat? ›

Apply the steam around the entire brim of the hat first. The steam will loosen the fibers. The steam will help the hat regain its natural shape. You could use steam from a pot of boiling water if you don't have a steamer, but be very careful around boiling water.

How can I fix my cowboy hat? ›

You can reshape a cowboy hat as frequently as you need. To do so, you'll need to steam the hat first. Steaming the cowboy hat will loosen up the fibers to mold back into whatever style you choose. Once you've steamed it, you can fold the sides to your desired curl shape until they take hold.

Can straw cowboy hats be repaired? ›

Try our crown repair strips for repairing and protecting the crowns of straw hats. The strips are 100% acid-free and easy to apply, just dip the strip in water and mold it to the shape of your crown. Once the strip dries, it will harden and create a permanent patch, hiding and preventing any further tear.

What glue can you use on a straw hat? ›

Loctite 'Control' liquid Super Glue

Oh and it work on metal, leather, feathers, hat braids, straw and many other hat making materials.

How do I reset my cowboy hat? ›

Don't Leave Your Hat Laying Around

In a pinch, put it on a post or coat rack so it's being supported from the inside. If you have to lay it down, flip it over on the crown—never place it on its brim, it loses shape this way.

How do you clean and reshape a straw cowboy hat? ›

For any embedded dirt, you can use a solution of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water with a white clean cloth. Gently dab or spray the solution on and use the cloth to wipe the stain away. This solution is for spot cleaning only, it's important to not let straw hats get too wet as they might warp.

How do you stiffen the brim of a straw cowboy hat? ›

To fix a bent hat brim, steam the area until it becomes pliable. You can then use your hands to work the brim into your hat's original shape.

How do you fix a hat shape? ›

Fixing your hat's crushed sections is super straightforward with a steamer. Let the steam envelop the hat section by section and knead the areas into shape after the steam has made them softer and more pliable. Avoid letting the hat get too wet. If this starts to happen, let it dry out and take another pass at it.

How do you fit a cowboy hat? ›

The perfectly fitting cowboy hat will be snug around the front and back of your head, and a little looser around the sides. You should be able to easily take off and put on your hat, but your cowboy hat shouldn't easily blow away in a small breeze.

How do you reshape a hat without a steamer? ›

The Shower Method

Make sure that, away from the actual water stream, is where you hang your hat. Possibly the shower door's inside. Give your hat about 15 minutes to soak up that hot steam. Turn off the shower and start reshaping your hat as you remove it from the bathroom.

Can you steam a straw hat to reshape it? ›

Reshape Your Straw Hat With Steam

Open up the fibers in your straw hat with steam - doing so will allow your hat to become pliable enough to manipulate the woven strands back to their original shape.

What is the strongest glue for fabric? ›

  • 1 Elmer's E431 Craft Bond Fabric Glue – Best Overall.
  • 2 Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue – Most Versatile.
  • 3 Aleene's Fabric Fusion Glue – Best Value.
  • 4 Beacon Fabri-Fix Fabric Glue Bottle – Fastest Drying.
  • 5 Dritz Original Liquid Stitch – Best Stitching Alternative.
24 Oct 2022

What kind of glue to use on a hat? ›

1) UHU Glue

It comes in a tube and is clear, with great adhesion to multiple surfaces. It also dries relatively quickly.

How do you fix a crack in a straw hat? ›

If you notice a tiny crack forming, a slight dab of Elmer's glue can help repairing it. However, it is usually best to repair your hat using a crown repair strip. These strips patch and hold the straw together preventing the straw from further cracking.

How do you keep straw hats in shape? ›

If your hat's brim is curved, we recommend storing it in a hat box to keep dust and bugs off and prevent it from becoming misshapen. You can also stuff the inside top with tissue paper to help it keep its shape, or put it on a mannequin head and cover it with a white, cotton pillowcase.

What does a black cowboy hat mean? ›

In American films of the Western genre between the 1920s and the 1940s, white hats were often worn by heroes and black hats by villains to symbolize the contrast in good versus evil.

How can I make my cowboy hat look better? ›

You can choose to pair your cowboy hat with other classic pieces of Western wear, such as cowboy boots. For a more modern look, opt for a pair of black Chelsea boots. Cowboy hats are traditionally worn with blue jeans and a button-down shirt but can easily be worn with a T-shirt and shorts or a blouse and a skirt.

Can a cowboy hat be restored? ›

The Process

The hat's crown is opened and the crown and brim are measured and documented on the renovation form. The lining and hatband are removed to prepare the hat for a chemical bath which cleanses the hat and restores its original stiffness. The hat is submerged in a chemical bath just until it is saturated.

Can you straighten a cowboy hat? ›

Whether you need to fix a frumpy crown on a felt cowboy hat or a bent brim on a prized pork pie hat, the best way to reshape your headgear is with a steady stream of steam, careful handling, and a touch of patience. Just as ironing will get the wrinkles out of clothes, steaming will remove the crinkles out of a hat.

Why do cowboy hats curl up? ›

The brim curved up on the sides to stay out of the way of a rope, and the crown became pinched to allow better control. Today the cowboy hat has become as much a part of fashion as it is function.

How do you stretch a cowboy hat DIY? ›

Position the Hat Jack in the inside of your hat's brim, then boil water to generate steam. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat. Hold your hat over the steam as you crank the Hat Jack to expand the hat to the desired size. Before removing the Hat Jack, let your hat air dry for between 20 or 30 minutes.

How long will a straw cowboy hat last? ›

Straw hats, cloth hats, leather & wool hats are meant to be replaced annually or every few years if worn on a daily basis. High quality felt hats properly cared for can last for many many years. 10.

How do you make a straw flexible? ›

  1. Cut one of the straws at an angle just below the bendy part. Discard the bendy piece.
  2. Pinch the angled end and slide it into the short end of the other straw.
  3. Tape the straws together. ...
  4. Insert the taped side of your siphon in the bottle. ...
  5. Such water into the straw. ...
  6. Done!

How do you restore an old straw hat? ›

One technique that can be used to rejuvenate dried-out old straw is a damp towel wrap. Put an old towel in the washer and run it through a rinse cycle. Let the washer spin out the water from the chamber, but stop the spin cycle as soon as the water's spun out so that the towel remains fairly wet.

Can a hat be repaired? ›

Do you have a favorite hat that needs restoration? We offer repair services such as cleaning, reblocking, changing sweatbands, stitching, and patching. Over time it is natural for your hat to get worn down with constant use.

What kind of glue do you use on a straw hat? ›

Loctite 'Control' liquid Super Glue

Oh and it work on metal, leather, feathers, hat braids, straw and many other hat making materials.

How do you fix a Stetson straw? ›

So to fix that, go straight over to your tea kettle and just soften that straw up on the bottom and also on the top. Then you can easily mold it back into shape. It becomes really malleable and then you can just sit it down and let it dry naturally.

Do straw cowboy hats get ruined in the rain? ›

Straw hats (made of natural fibers) should NEVER be worn in the rain. A straw hat will not maintain it's shape in wet weather.

How do you reshape a straw hat crown? ›

Reshape Your Straw Hat With Steam

Open up the fibers in your straw hat with steam - doing so will allow your hat to become pliable enough to manipulate the woven strands back to their original shape.

Does water damage straw hats? ›

Avoid Water

Straw hats are meant to protect you from the sun, but not from the rain. If your hat does get wet, it can lead to some undesirable consequences. Not only will the water cause it to swell and eventually lose its shape, but it also can cause rot.

How long does a straw cowboy hat last? ›

How long will my hat last? Straw hats, cloth hats, leather & wool hats are meant to be replaced annually or every few years if worn on a daily basis. High quality felt hats properly cared for can last for many many years. 10.

Why can't cowboy hats go on a bed? ›

And no matter what you do, don't ever set your cowboy hat on a bed! It's a commonly held superstition that a hat set on the bed invites bad luck to enter your home. If you choose to compete with your adopted horse, avoid wearing new clothes and using new gear—some believe it's unlucky.


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