Icons on the Indesit washing machine (2023)

Icons on the Indesit washing machine (1)After buying a new Indesit brand washing machine, users of the first pair are amazed at the abundance of signs displayed on the control panel. In such a situation, you first need to decipher the icons for the Indesit washing machine, and only then use the "home assistant". Otherwise, finding the right programs through trial and error can be fatal for your clothes. We will deal with the decoding of the symbols of the washing machines of this company, and at the same time we will deal with the identification codes of such devices.

main symbols

Indesit washing machines, especially modern ones, often have short character decoding directly on the control panel. This decoding is also quite understandable and requires no further explanation. A vivid example is shown in the image below.

Icons on the Indesit washing machine (2)

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many models of Indesit washing machines, especially those released a few years ago, have the so-called old-style control panel, on which there are no more than a few dozen symbols and numbers. It is similar to modern budget models. To start methodical decoding, divide all symbols into at least two groups (main and additional) and first disassemble the main symbols.

The main icons indicate the modes and programs most used by Indesit washing machine users.

  1. Cotton.
  2. cotton bath.
  3. Cotton: intensive wash.
  4. Cotton: Delicate wash.
  5. Synthetics: intensive washing.
  6. Synthetics: Delicate wash.
  7. Delicate fabrics.
  8. Economical wash.
  9. Super fast wash.
  10. Lavar.
  11. drain
  12. Turn.

Icons on the Indesit washing machine (3)

In the image above, we've specifically highlighted these modes so you can see the icons that represent them.An interesting fact is that on Indesit washing machines released 5 years ago, the “Cotton” symbol most often appeared in the form of a cotton flower, while on more modern models the symbol was often used in the form of a white T. shirt.In our opinion, the difference is not fundamental, the main thing is that both symbols refer to the same thing.

additional symbols

Additional special characters, or as they are also called, are also present in the modern "home assistant" from the Indesit brand. The newer the model of the machine, the more it has these signs. Why is this happening? The fact is that in recent years machine builders have begun to introduce a variety of highly specialized programs and functions designed for things with special properties. Therefore, washing machine manufacturers try to please the most demanding users.

Among other things, new technologies appear in the field of laundry care, which are used in advanced models of Indesit washing machines.

Icons on the Indesit washing machine (4)

Above is an image highlighting the signs of additional programs and features. Their list is far from exhausted, as completely new models with new programs and new functions are already appearing. Let's talk about additional characters in more detail.

  • "Wool" signature. It is shown in the form of a sweater or in the form of a ball of yarn - in principle, a completely understandable picture.This is a washing program specially designed for woolen garments.Its properties: long running time, low drum speed, low water temperature.
  • "Sensitive substances" sign. Designed in the form of a flower with six petals. This is a suitable washing mode for silk, satin, cashmere and other changeable fabrics. In this case, washing is carried out in a large amount of water, the drum rotates slowly, the water temperature is usually 300C. A complete counterpart to delicate fabrics is the silk badge.
  • jeans sign. It is practically not subject to external changes, and what needs to be changed, since the denim print is more eloquent than any other image, shows what kind of program we are talking about. And this is a program for washing jeans.
  • Easy to iron. If you see the image of a small iron on the control panel, remember that your Indesit washing machine is capable of washing clothes, so it will be much easier to iron later on.. However, it is fair to say that this mode makes the spin cycle worse and some users have complained that the bedding is completely wet.
  • Hand wash icon. It turns out that the washing machine is able to simulate hand washing. The intensity of drum rotation is controlled in order to exert enough mechanical action on the contaminated fabric, treating it with the same care as when washing by hand, hence the name of the washing mode.
  • The "sports tennis" sign. They denote one of the varieties of care programs ideal if you need it for examplewash the converteror tennis.
  • The designation of the "curtains". If you need to wash curtains made of light fabrics, then the mode indicated by this sign will work well. With heavy curtains "the number does not work". Firstly, they need a washing machine with a rather large load, and secondly, washing heavy and dense fabrics in this mode is not effective.
  • The immersion sign. The program marked with this sign is useful if you just need to soak for a long time, but you don't need to wash. The washing machine sucks in water, heats it up to the desired temperature, and things are left in this water for several hours, then the machine drains the water and completes the cycle without wringing the laundry.

Soaking program may be required for particularly soiled items. In this case, this mode is started first, and then the normal washing program.

About the area code

Now let's talk about the identification code for washing machines of the Indesit brand. In each country where this washing machine is manufactured, the brand is different, and the differences are quite large. To begin with, we will be interested in models released on the territory of the CIS countries and tell you about them.

Icons on the Indesit washing machine (5)

In the image that we can see above, we give an example of the marking code of a specific model of Indesit washing machine assembled in Russia. A brief decoding is already shown in the figure, we can only give some explanations.

The first two letters of the code have no meaning for the user. The third letter indicates that this model has a narrow washer and is front loaded. If you find a washing machine with a vertical load, then in the first part of the code not 4 letters, but 5, the letter T is added.The fourth letter of the first part of the identification code defines the type of control (electronic or mechanical) and the type of display.

The second part of the code consists of 4 digits and a letter. In our example, the first digit is 8, which means that the washing machine has a load of 8 kg. The next two digits are 1 and 0, which means that the drum of the machine rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm. The last digit of the code indicates the design and color of this machine. And finally, the last, attention-grabbing letter of the code indicates the country of assembly, in our case it is Russia.

In conclusion, we note that a modern washing machine from the Indesit brand can have dozens of different programs, routines and useful functions. Each program and function has its own special symbol that encodes a lot of useful information. Each user just needs to know what this or that icon means, otherwise it will be difficult to use the device normally.

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