Olive Garden Vegan Guide: Meal Options to Consider (2023)

If there is a world-famous vegan restaurant, it is none other than Olive Garden.

With over 900 locations open across the US, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador and even the Philippines,There is probably no vegan who does not know this Italian restaurant.

In general, Italian cuisine is not particularly vegan.

And that's one of the reasons Olive Garden has become one of the most popular restaurant chains in America.

At Olive Garden, Vegans Can Try More Vegan Italian Dishes(or, more accurately, American-Italian vegan cuisine).

In this post, we dive into Olive Garden's vegan menu and uncover more options for you to try.

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What are the vegan food options at Olive Garden?

While the vegan options at Olive Garden are fairly limited, you'd be surprised how committed they are to serving plant-based diners delicious vegan food.

They have dedicated an entire page to their vegan menu and have reserved space on their website to answer vegan frequently asked questions.

It's really great to see a restaurant committed to the needs of the vegan community.

And if you want to visit any of its branches, here is the list of vegan options that you must try.

  • bread sticks
  • Sopa minestrone
  • salad house
  • make your own pasta
  • vegan sauces
  • Drinks

Olive Garden Vegan Guide: Meal Options to Consider (2)

The Best Vegan Food Options at Olive Garden

Now let's take a look at each vegan meal option we've listed above to make sure they're plant-based, dairy-free, and free of other controversial ingredients.

bread sticks

Let's start with the best vegan appetizer,in other wordsBread sticks.

For non-vegans, breadsticks are a less popular menu item at Olive Garden.

But this main course is a hit in the vegan community.

Plus, it's hard to find breadsticks that aren't made with eggs, milk, or covered in butter.

Yes, you read that right.

Olive Garden Breadsticks do not contain eggs, cheese rennet, milk or other dairy products.

They are 100% vegan thanks to the soy-based garlic coating, which makes these breadsticks super delicious.

Their warm breadsticks are not only vegan, but also airy and light on the stomach.

Try dipping it with marinara or tomato sauce for a spicier, more flavorful main course.

a tactic The order comes with 4 pieces of breadcrumbs, while a large one contains 8 pieces.

Most vegans order this main dish along with vegan pasta to fuel the day.

Sopa minestrone

Unfortunately, Minestrone is the only vegan soup at Olive Garden.

But you won't regret ordering this popular vegan option because it's totally worth it.

This classic dish is popular in Italy and did you know that it has become famous in the United States thanks to Olive Garden?

Try googling the recipe for this dish and you'll see plenty of Olive Garden recipes.

Olive Garden's thick, flavorful and healthy version of Minestrone is just as delicious as classic Italian Minestrone soup.

Contains pasta, fresh vegetables (carrot, celery, onion and zucchini) and beans in tomato broth.

It's really comforting, hearty, and perfect for cold winter days.

You don't need any further adjustments if you order this dish at Olive Garden.

You can enjoy this tasty soup right away.

This comforting dish pairs well with croutons and a salad combination.

At Olive Garden they are known as the classic combinations!

They are ideal for stocking up on healthy vegetables without leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

salad house

How can we forget about the house salad when this is the best vegan option in Olive Garden?

You can order an unlimited salad and combine it with breadsticks to complete your meal.

Your salad contains tomato, lettuce, pepperoncini, olives and red onion.

Be aware, however, that the salad at this place is not completely vegan.

It comes with croutons, Italian salad dressing, and Parmesan cheese, all non-vegan.

Ask the waiter to replace these ingredients with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Olive Garden is used to this request, so feel free to customize your salad.

If you fancy a hearty meal, you can order salad, breadsticks, and soup for a single price.

These options are even included with lunch on weekdays, helping you save more on your dollar bill!

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make your own pasta

Italian-themed restaurants are full of more vegan pasta options. Is a restaurant still Italian without a wide variety of pasta dishes?

The restaurant offers dry pasta so you don't have to worry about hidden meat ingredients.

For 100% vegan pasta it is best to choose the 'make your own pasta' option.

Plant-based customers can choose from the following vegan pasta, dressing and sauce options:


  • Spaghetti
  • Fettuccine
  • angel hair
  • rigatoni
  • small shells
  • Linguini integral
  • Kurketrekker
  • zoodles


  • vegetables


  • Tomato
  • marinara

If you don't like the order, you can have spaghetti with marinara sauce.

It is vegan and you will find it on the restaurant menu.

Olive Garden also offers special menu and promotional items for their pasta dishes.

If you want to try them, you can ask to replace the dairy and meat ingredients with fresh vegetables.

However, the changes will depend on the availability of your ingredients.

So you better be prepared when you dine at Olive Garden.

Some vegan customers bring their own vegetables, sauces or dressings, while others use the "make your own pasta" option to ensure they're vegan.

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vegan sauce

Unfortunately, there is no vegan dressing at Olive Garden.

While her salad is packed with greens, it also includes cheese and eggs.

Therefore, you should advise the server to remove these ingredients and replace them with oil and vinegar.

As for the sauce, you also have limited options.

You can choose between marinara and tomato sauce.

Whether you want pasta, croutons, or both, these two sauces are your only options.

Olive Garden also has vegan raspberry sauce.

However, there is no dish with which you can combine it.

Technically, this dip is useless unless you want to dip your breadsticks in it.


Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan drinks at Olive Garden.

Their drinks come with alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Options may vary by industry, so betterconsult the menu for a more precise selection.

Non-alcoholic beverages

  • classic lemonade
  • Frambozenlimonada
  • freshly brewed iced tea
  • Peach Raspberry Bellini Iced Tea
  • Strawberry Mango Iced Tea
  • Strawberry and passion fruit lemonade
  • ginger drink

Alcoholic beverage

  • italian daisies
  • italian rum punch
  • Lemonade with strawberry wedges
  • strawberry bellini
  • Peach Bellini
  • Amaretto Sur
  • hawaiian blue
  • Bessensangría
  • Watermelon and moscato sangria
  • Green apple and moscato sangria

Olive Garden Vegan Guide: Meal Options to Consider (5)

Vegan Tips and Tricks at Olive Garden

Some menu items at Olive Garden may seem vegan (like the eggplant parmigiana, gluten-free rotini, Italian salad dressing, etc.), but the truth is they're not.

We don't want you to end up ordering non-vegan food and then regret ityou better keep them in mind.

bring some protein

There isn't much protein in Olive Garden's vegan options.

Get creative and include some vegan meatballs, beans, and other plant-based protein foods.

You can combine them with your pasta meal.

make your dressing vegan

If you're not a fan of olive oil and vinegar, we recommend thisbring your own vegan dressing.

Olive Garden's homemade dressing contains animal ingredients, so be prepared.

Check with your favorite vegan cheese

Can't eat pasta without cheese?

Unfortunately, Olive Garden cheese is also not vegan.

They are made from eggs or cow's milk.

Therefore, before coming here,register with plant-based cheese.

Choose a fruity drink for dessert.

Vegans are out of luck with desserts at Olive Garden.

The restaurant has not come up with any dessert options yet.

While you wait for your brownies, lasagna or tiramisu to be prepared, you can finish your meal with a sweet drink or snacks before checking in here.

Opt for raspberry lemonade, strawberry mango iced tea, or liqueurs like Strawberry Bellini, Spiked Strawberry Lemonade, and other cocktails.

You can also ask for the raspberry sauce if it suffices for dessert.

Feel free to make requests

Before placing an order at this restaurant, ask the waiter if the dish is vegan.

If not, youAsk them to remove the non-vegan ingredients and replace them with vegan ones.

This is a well-known trick among vegans dining at Olive Garden.

You don't have to be shy about making requests.

The bottom line: can vegans dine at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden isn't the most vegan restaurant out there, but it is.

They have many vegan options that are worth trying.

While most menu items are not vegan,The fact that it is inclusive of those who want a compassionate vegan lifestyle makes this restaurant worth visiting..

Then yes!

Vegans can dine at Olive Garden.

The restaurant cares about its vegan customers.

It ishighlight vegan optionsOn their menu they offer a great vegan space on their website and allow you to customize your order to make it vegan.

This data is enough to cover your limited vegan options.

Have you eaten at Olive Garden yet?

Did you leave home satisfied or vice versa?

Let us know in the comments below!


Olive Garden Vegan Guide: Meal Options to Consider? ›

A healthy vegan diet should contain a variety of whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. Foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, soy products, and nutritional yeast can all help boost your protein intake throughout the day.

Which would be an appropriate menu option for a vegan? ›

A healthy vegan diet should contain a variety of whole grains, proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. Foods like nuts, seeds, legumes, soy products, and nutritional yeast can all help boost your protein intake throughout the day.

Is Olive Garden minestrone soup vegan? ›

Is Olive Garden minestrone soup vegetarian? Yes! Olive Garden minestrone soup is perfect for folks who are following a vegetarian or vegan diet. It's loaded with veggies and contains no meat products.

Is the salad at Olive Garden vegan? ›

The salad is vegan when ordered without croutons or Italian dressing—just substitute it for olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Can vegans eat Olive Garden breadsticks? ›

Breadsticks. It isn't easy to find breadsticks that are vegan-friendly. We're happy to report that that's not the case with Olive Garden's breadsticks! Not only are the breadsticks vegan at Olive Garden, but the garlic topping is soy-based and made with absolutely no eggs, no dairy, and no cheese rennet.

What is strict vegan meal? ›

VGML - Vegetarian Vegan Meal

Also known as a vegan or strict vegetarian meal, this meal is completely free of animal products or by-products. It does not contain any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey or other animal products or by-products.

Is pasta from Olive Garden vegan? ›

• Pasta With Traditional Marinara

Nearly all of Olive Garden's pasta selection is vegan, including the cavatappi, angel hair, and rigatoni. There are even gluten-free pasta options!

Is Olive Garden's salad dressing vegan? ›

Most of the time, Italian dressings are naturally vegan, as they simply contain oil, vinegar, and aromatics, such as garlic, herbs, and spices. However, Olive Garden's house dressing contains dairy: namely, Romano cheese. The cheese is whisked directly into the dressing, discounting it from the vegan menu.

Is the mushroom sauce at Olive Garden vegan? ›

Olive Garden feature two vegan sauces on its menu: the marinara sauce and their red tomato sauce. Be wary of the five-cheese marinara and creamy mushroom sauce though; while they are vegetarian-friendly, they are made with animal byproducts, so unfortunately, they are not vegan. What about drinks?

What Olive Garden dressing is vegan? ›

If you don't vibe with olive oil and vinegar, bring your own dressing (like our creamy dill dressing, vegan french dressing, or Asian-Inspired Dressing) to dribble on your salad. Sadly, the house dressing is not vegan at Olive Garden.

Are any of Olive Gardens soups vegan? ›

According to Olive Garden's website, their Minestrone soup is a vegan classic! This delicious and hearty soup includes fresh vegetables, beans, and pasta in a light tomato broth.

What type of pasta is vegan? ›

yes, most dry pasta is vegan. The general everyday dry pasta in shapes like spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, fusilli, penne, orzo, jumbo shells, manicotti, lasagna noodles, and elbow macaroni are usually vegan. The fresh pasta sold in the refrigerated section usually contains eggs and is therefore not vegan.

Why do some vegans not eat olive oil? ›

The simple answer to the question is that as olive oil does not contain animal products, yes olive oil is in theory vegan-friendly. Some vegans, however, avoid using it because of the impact olive oil production has on the environment. Just how much of a detrimental impact it has, is up for debate.

Can vegans eat olive spread? ›

Pure Dairy Free Olive Spread is an all-natural spread made from quality olives that's perfect for anyone looking to avoid dairy in their diet. Unlike many vegan spreads, this one contains only 'proper' ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or additives in sight.

Is olive spread suitable for vegans? ›

Looking for a dairy-free butter to top a stack of delectable, flaky pancakes? British supermarket chain Asda sells its own range of non-dairy butter spreads that are free of animal-derived ingredients. The chain's olive spread and light olive spread are both suitable for vegans.

What is vegan on a menu? ›

A vegan diet is a plant-based plan that excludes all animal products, like meat, fish, dairy and even honey. Its cousin, the vegetarian diet, is a bit broader and excludes meat and fish but includes dairy and eggs.

How do you put vegan on a menu? ›

Be sure to go through your menu and add a “V” or another symbol to highlight the vegan options. You may be surprised to see that you already include some dishes suitable for vegans.

Which food can a vegan eat quizlet? ›

A vegan diet centers around grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and nuts and excludes all dairy, eggs, poultry, and meat.

What is the vegan food style? ›

On a vegan diet, you'll likely find yourself replacing meat, eggs, and dairy with an abundance of plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fortified products made from these foods.


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