Pet-friendly hotels in the United States - American Kennel Club (2023)

It can be difficult for pet owners to go on vacation if it means leaving their dogs behind. Luckily, many hotel chains these days aren't just pup-friendly, many of them practically roll out the red carpet for our furry companions. According to one study, about 75% of luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels now allow petsPesquisa de 2016 der American Hotel & Lodging Association.Here are some tips to ensure your dog is welcome wherever you go.

Pet Travel Checklist

dr Sara Ochoa, an East Texas vet who has traveled the world with her pup, suggests packing the following items in your dog bags:

  • A soothing duvet that carries away some of the common household odors. "This will help your dog feel comfortable and relaxed as many like familiar scents."
  • collapsible travel mugsas well as food and water to keep the intestines busy. "A new type of food, water that tastes different, or bowls that don't belong to them can prevent them from eating or drinking," she says.
  • a necklace, even if your dog is used to being carried everywhere. "Leash training your dog will help him when you're out, especially when you're trying to carry your luggage!"
  • A popular toy or chew itemto relieve travel stress and while away the time on long car or plane trips.
  • Urinalto help clean up when nature calls.
  • An airline-approved pet carrierthat - this is important - your dog has already fallen asleep. "Make getting in the stretcher fun and comfortable," she says. "Allow him to spend time in his carrier as it will make the journey that much easier for you and your pet."

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Pet-friendly hotel chains

Below is a list of hotel chains (in alphabetical order) that welcome dogs. However, be sure to call ahead and check availability of a pet-friendly room before you arrive.

  • Red roof: All Red Roof locations are pet-friendly, and most allow one dog or cat per room free of charge. Additional pets can be accommodated free of charge at management discretion. At the Red Roof Inn and Red Roof PLUS+ locations, the pet weight limit is 80 pounds. At The Red Collection locations, the pet weight limit is 40 pounds.
  • motadie 6:All Motel 6 locations are pet friendly. There is no pet fee and Motel 6 has no pet weight restrictions. Motel 6 allows 2 pets per room.
  • Best Western:More than 1,600 Best Western hotels in the US, Canada and the Caribbean are dog-friendly. Pet-friendly spaces allow up to two dogs with a maximum size of 80 pounds per dog in each room. Some properties charge $30 per day (maximum $150 per week) per pet room. In addition, a refundable security deposit of up to USD 150 per stay may be charged.
  • Choose hotels:More than 2,500 Choice hotels (Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion, MainStay Suites, Suburban, EconoLodge and Rodeway Inn) allow pets. Choice owns several dog-friendly hotels in some of the "dog-friendly cities" across the country.
  • DoubleTree von Hilton:More than 120 DoubleTree properties allow dogs for a non-refundable fee of up to $75 per room. The chain recommends calling ahead to ensure a pet-friendly room is available.
  • Extended stay America:Dogs are welcome at Extended Stay America hotels. However, pets cannot be taller than 36 inches or taller than 36 inches (larger dogs must be approved by the property manager). Two pets are allowed per suite with a non-refundable cleaning fee of USD 25 (plus tax) per day for the first month (no more than USD 150 plus tax per pet), payable on the first night of your stay and payable at the time of departure Stay is payable upon check out. check in. Thereafter, each month there is a non-refundable fee of $10 plus tax per day for the first five days of each month (up to a maximum of $50 plus tax per month per pet). Bringing more than two pets also requires property manager approval.
  • Four Seasons:Many Four Seasons hotels offer dog-friendly boarding at no additional cost. For example, the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills offers in-room amenities that include pet treats, bowls filled with Evian water, and a plush pet bed. Four Seasons Chicago also offers these services free of charge, but only for pets under 30 pounds. Many properties have special dog meals, grooming and walking services, which are available through the concierge for an additional fee. Check with each individual hotel if they accept pets and what services they offer.
  • hotel hampton:Most Hampton Inn properties allow dogs. The number of pets, size of pets allowed and fees may vary and are at the discretion of each hotel. But even if pets are not allowed in a particular hotel, service animals are always allowed. While some properties have many pet-friendly rooms, pets cannot be left unattended in them, and hotels may charge a fee for any damage caused by an animal found on property (this is damage only, not a "fee" ). per pet). . Domestic animal " ).
  • Home2Suites de Hilton:Home2Suites by Hilton is generally pet-friendly and limits pets to two per suite, with weight limits varying by hotel. Check your hotel's website for pet fees and size restrictions. Dogs must be kept on a leash or in a kennel in the hotel's public areas.
  • Hotels in London: Kimpton boutique hotels welcome pets of all shapes and sizes into their rooms. Not only is check-in easy, but they also have pet treats, including plush beds they borrowed from their guest room, food, water bowls, and mats. Plus, there might even be a Pet Relations Manager to welcome you and help you with all your pet needs.
  • Before: Marriott offers more than 1,500 dog-friendly locations across the United States across hotel brands (Autograph Collection, Renaissance Hotels, Delta Hotels and Resorts, Gaylord Hotels, Courtyard, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and TownePlace Suitesfurther). Please check with individual properties directly for breed, weight and pet fee restrictions. Each pet-friendly hotel offers a variety of amenities for pet owners.
  • Hotels in Peninsula:Several Peninsula properties allow travelers to bring their dogs. Some properties allow a maximum of two pets for a fee of $35-$75 per pet. In addition, some hotels offer food and water bowls and a luxury dog ​​bed. Each property has its own rules; When booking, check with the respective hotel first.
  • El Ritz-Carlton:Many Ritz-Carlton hotels allow dogs, but size requirements, fees, and amenities vary. For example himRitz-Carlton, Laguna Nigueloffers a dog-friendly menu for its canine guests and only charges a meal plan fee of $50 per night. Pets must be leashed or held in all public areas of the resort and are not permitted in the hotel's restaurants, bars, gym and spa, pool areas or Club Level Lounge. EITHERRitz-Carlton, Washington DCoffers soft dog beds, dog bowls and healthy, natural dog treats and charges a non-refundable cleaning fee of $125 per stay and a nightly meal fee of $50. Dogs must weigh 40 pounds or less and may be controlled or held at all times.
  • stay pineapple:All Staypineapple accommodations are dog-friendly and come with perks like a can of treats, water bowl, garbage bags for walking, and a dog bed for use during the stay. There are no size or weight restrictions on pets, but hotels charge a $25 daily fee. Dogs can stay in rooms while owners explore the area, as long as they don't disturb other guests by barking or howling, if necessary. which additional costs may be charged.
  • Westin:There are 165 dog-friendly hotels within the Westin brand, although policies may vary from hotel to hotel, including weight restrictions and nightly fees. Guests receive a welcome pack that includes food and water bowls, an in-room plaque, and the dog-friendly version of the Heavenly Bed. Owners are required to sign a liability waiver upon check-in and are responsible for excessive damage or cleaning.

All hotel information is current as of February 2022. Please call each hotel individually when planning your trip as pet-friendly rooms are not always available.

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