Samsung washing machine icons - decryption (2023)

Samsung washing machine icons - decryption (1)The modern models of vending machines from the Samsung line have a practical digital screen that shows all the information the user needs. If earlier the function of informing a housewife about the stages of the washing process, the remaining time and other parameters was assigned to the control panel displays, now on the graphic display you can see all the information in one place, on a small screen.

To use your au pair safely, you need to understand what the icons on the Samsung washing machine's control panel and digital display indicate. We will try to decode the symbols located on the EGR as understandable as possible.

Symbols on the graphic display

First of all, I would like to decipher the symbols at the top of the digital display, they indicate the steps of the washing process. Loved ones often get involved in these conventions, so first you need to find out what each one means.

  1. The plate on which the Roman numeral I is depicted. This icon indicates the pre-wash mode; it will light up at the start of the wash cycle only if the user has selected this option. If the prewash button is not pressed, the symbol will not light up.
  2. The sink, on which the Roman numeral II is depicted, is the designation of the main wash cycle.It comes on immediately after starting the selected program or only at the end of the prewash, if available.The icon is always on, regardless of the selected program, the main wash is provided in absolutely all CMA modes programmed by Intellect.
  3. A basin half filled with water and clothes is nothing more than an indicator that rinsing has begun. At the end of the main wash cycle, the device always goes into rinse mode. At this point, fabric softener will be added to the drum, if it was placed in the soap drawer.
  4. The symbol of the spiral informs us about the inclusion of the "spin" mode, which is the final step of the washing process. The signal lights up after the end of the last rinse in all washing programs, unless the user has set the "No spin" function.
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The next category of symbols to dismantle are Laundromats. With its help, you can configure the necessary additions to the standard scheduled mode.

  • The Two Bubble T-shirt has the EcoBubble feature. Bubble washing involves the inclusion of a special foam-liquid mixture generator. With their help, water and washing powder are saturated with air bubbles, as a result of which an accelerated dissolution of detergents and a significant improvement in the quality of washing are observed.
  • The iron-on badge is for easy ironing. When this function is selected, the clothes wrinkle less during the spin cycle.
  • The tub, inside which the Roman numeral I is depicted, symbolizes the pre-wash function.To allow an additional wash before the main wash, it is necessary to place the powder in the corresponding area of ​​the detergent drawer and activate this mode before starting the program.
  • T-shirt with stains indicates intensive washing. The additive can be used when loading things into the drum with stubborn, old and stubborn dirt. It supposes an increase in the washing time for each cycle.
  • The symbol of the container filled with clean water indicates the "immersion" function. It is used to achieve a greater effect in removing stains.

Samsung washing machine icons - decryption (3)

The next group of symbols to distinguish is the designation of various auxiliary functions of the PMU.

A lock with a face indicates the function of locking the children's bench. When selected, the buttons do not respond to touches, so it is not possible to accidentally change the parameters of the selected washing mode.

To enable or disable protection against child intrusion, simultaneously press the "Temp" button. and "Download" for 3 seconds.

The clock symbolizes the delay in the washing process. This function allows you to program the intelligence of the machine to start washing at the specified time. The delay can be selected for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours.

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The flash drum is responsible for the self-cleaning function of the CMA drum. If during the washing process a strong clogging of the surface occurs, the Eco Cleaning icon and the corresponding indicator on the mode button will light up on the digital display.Self-cleaning of the drum is necessary to prevent mold and dirt from accumulating on its surface.Normally the indicator lights up once a month, and if the user does not start the eco cleaning function, the machine will signal the need to turn it on after the next two washes.

The scratched speaker means an addition that allows you to turn off the sound of the washing mode. To activate or deactivate this function, press and hold the "Rinse" and "Spin" buttons for 3 seconds. The key pattern is nothing more than an indicator to lock the hatch of the washing machine. If it lights up, it means the door lock has worked and is closed securely.

The characters in the center of the digital graphic display are responsible for showing the washing time, the water heating temperature, the number of rinses and the drum rotation speed during spinning.

  1. The washing time is displayed right in the center of the screen, while the machine is running, it is constantly reduced. If an error occurs and the device cannot continue the process, an error code will appear at this point in the form of a combination of certain letters and numbers.
  2. Above the pool, where an asterisk is drawn above the water level, the selected water temperature is displayed. You can adjust it yourself by pressing "Temp". Button. The brightness of the lower icon indicates that the wash is carried out in cold water without heating.
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  3. The number of rinses is displayed above the half full container; Up to 5 additional cycles can be defined.
  4. The rotation speed of the drum during rotation is displayed in the field above the crossed out spiral.

When the crossed out spiral icon illuminates directly, the No Rotation option is selected.

The digital display, although small, contains all the information about the washing process, its steps, shows the time left to wash clothes, and notifies you whether additional functions are activated or not. Once you understand the main characters on the display, you can easily control the intelligence of the SMA.

Control Panel Icons

It is worth noting the designations of some buttons on the control panel of Samsung washing machines. What can we see in it?

First of all, it is a network switch that is responsible for turning the device on and off. It is indicated by a standard symbol: an incomplete circle with a vertical line through it. Secondly, there is the well-known “Start/Pause” button, which, after selecting the desired washing program with the selector knob, allows you to start and, if necessary, interrupt the process and activate the pause function.It is indicated by the triangle icon, near which two vertical lines are drawn.

Samsung washing machine icons - decryption (6)

On some modern models of Samsung vending machines, there is a button with a profile image of a human face, with a heart symbol drawn at the bottom. Its name is "My Program". It gives you the opportunity to register your preferred mode in the intellect's memory along with additional settings for it.

The button with the image of a clock with arrows is used to set the delay in the start of the wash cycle. It allows you to program the intelligence of the machine in a user-friendly way at the start of the process.

In addition to the buttons described on the control panel of the washing machine, there are the “Temperature”, “Spin”, “Rinse”, “Easy Iron” buttons, but the user should have no problem understanding their function, since all they are in words common signs signed without the use of obscure characters and images.

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