SCP-3199 - The SCP Foundation (2023)


SCP-3199 - The SCP Foundation (1)

First positively recorded instance of SCP-3199 obtained during initial recovery.

Special Containment Procedures:All living instances of SCP-3199 are to be contained at Site-114 in a modified Keter humanoid containment chamber (hereinafter referred to as primary containment), the walls of which are lined with acid-resistant steel approximately two centimeters thick. CCTV devices are installed in the north-east and south-west corners. Two meters of void space is allocated between the primary and secondary containment.

Secondary containment consists of suspending all living instances of SCP-3199 in a block of transparent solid substance (currently clear acrylic resin).

This block must be at least three meters high. An armed guard must be stationed outside the primary containment at all times. An eight-digit access code can be obtained from the current director of Site-114 to bypass primary containment.

The secondary containment should be inspected regularly for damage. Movement and activity of any kind must be noted and the current Site 114 Director informed as soon as possible.

A temporary revocation procedure is described in Exhibit 3199-03. Experiments using living instances of SCP-3199 are strictly prohibited without the consent of at least two persons with security clearance level 4 or higher.

On 2017-12-06, four living instances of SCP-3199 were successfully contained.

On 02/18/2019, six living instances of SCP-3199 were successfully contained.

Description:SCP-3199 designates a species of Category 5 intelligent biological entity of currently undetermined origin, although tissue samples indicate the presence of the Silkie chicken.1, chimpanzee2, Schwarzbier3, shell4, adder5and human DNA. They are usually hairless, spotted with a thin layer of albumin-like excretion, and average 2.9 meters in length. Its average weight is 780 kg for an adult instance and 360 kg for a cub. Autopsy has determined that the cervical vertebrae of a mature instance of SCP-3199 are composed of cartilage rather than bone. This allows the neck and throat to twist and shift 340° in any direction, aiding its unusual reproductive cycle.

(Video) SCP-3199 Experimente an Menschen, widerlegt…

SCP-3199 are opportunistic hunters that interact with living beingsin a currently unidentified areawithin a radius of 0.6 kilometers with young people who are not yet of legal age. The average recorded speed is 25 km/h. Upon contact with humans or animals, SCP-3199 will transition to [REDACTED] and liquefy internal organs and bone structures. A suitable carcass is then brought within range of the next brood.

SCP-3199 produces large eggs that are whitish in color and have a rubbery appearance. An egg will pass through the creature's digestive tract, esophagus, and eventually mouth, followed by a slimy red substance (first thought to be a form of the placenta, chemical breakdown determined it to be a highly corrosive material). . SCP-3199 displays extreme distress throughout the process, with personnel describing the sound as "not unlike a scream".

SCP-3199 produces its eggs to fill the vacant space. There is no known limit to the number of eggs SCP-3199 can produce, and the current theory is as follows: Given enough time, a single instance could perform an LK-class species transmutation scenario on its own. Termination of a living instance can be accomplished via a variety of equally effective methods: SCP-3199 has proven to be as resilient as a normal human. However, complete eradication has been shownimpossibledifficult as all instances of SCP-3199 (regardless of age) carry an egg in a specialized stomach-like organ at birth, ensuring that a living instance persists even through common means of constant lethal attacks. This biological phenomenon is believed to be of anomalous origin itself.

A single SCP-3199 egg can withstand tremendous resilience, retaining its form and purpose even after constant subjugation to:

  • Extreme blunt force trauma.
  • Pressure greater than 180,000 psi.
  • High precision blades (serrated and non-serrated).
  • Prolonged exposure to acid.

The use of plastic explosives was considered, but quickly rejected by company management. Heat is a major component in the growth and development of SCP-3199 eggs (see Addendum 3199-04), and Foundation researcher Pwygh-Bythell was particularly concerned about the idea, believing it would almost certainly lead to a second containment breach would result.

SCP-3199 received Keter classification on 2017-10-06 following a containment breach. SCP-3199's previous method of containment (a sedated water bath) has been dismantled and replaced with a revised containment procedure as described above.

ADDENDUM 3199-A-01:On █/█/2017, O5-█ submitted the following notification:

All further experimentation with eggs from SCP-3199 is strictly forbidden. Incubation times proved too unreliable to warrant further investigation, and as the consequences of a containment breach become increasingly apparent, the O5 Council unanimously decided to nip the situation in the bud. Until new and reliable information comes to light, all employees violating the protocol are subject to standard “zero tolerance” risk assessment training and penalties determined on a case-by-case basis.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

SCP-3199 was discovered in ██████, Ireland, following eyewitness reports of a "bald" creature "crying like a banshee" in an undisclosed wooded area. These allegations led to the deployment of the Omega-19 Mobile Task Force, which arrived at the scene with a total of 12 armed people. Two employees were missing in action, their internal organs and jaws almost completely dissolved. During transport, SCP-3199 produced two offspring, resulting in the deaths of an additional six.

ADDENDUM 3199-A-02:On █/█/2017, an extensive search of SCP-3199's original resting place was conducted to discover the creature's origin and purpose. Local reports indicated that the small remote residence in question had been abandoned for at least two decades. Surface crew Delta-029-E recovered several items of interest, including:

  • A bag of different threads and needles of different colors and sizes.
  • Approximately thirteen chicken carcasses (based on halves and quarters collected) with precise incisions on the underbelly, neck and thighs. Six of the carcasses were plucked, with human teeth marks visible in the bald areas at random intervals.
  • Various containers including water bottles and Tupperware boxes containing an unidentified aqueous paste. The paste was dark brown and became viscous and hard in the presence of oxygen.
  • An A5 notebook marked ████ and badly scratched with what are clearly human fingernails. The words "NEW BREED MANIFESTO" are written on the cover.
  • Two chicken feathers.

The notebook itself consisted of 24 pages of standard lined paper, written in non-anomalous black ink. Nineteen of these pages consisted of various cubic designs and crude, childish illustrations vaguely resembling SCP-3199. On the remaining five pages, large lines describe the diary of an unidentified person. Much of the written writing was illegible. One passage in particular, dated 6/6/1973, is written with remarkably superior clarity:

If you're reading this, thenSheetsis happy! In a hundred thousand hours it will be hot and wet and hot and wonderfultalented bathroomThe versatility of human DNA (LOWER) will lead to a better old age. A stronger ear. One where [ILLEGIBLE] and food and water will be nothing but a thing of the past as we do more and do and do morebisuntil [illegible]
THAT'S WHY I SEND YOUThen Thenquite. You will have all the time you need. the time will bea thing ofTime will pass and death will be life.LifeThe new life needs things to live on. New life will be part of life from now on. (see)

(Video) SCP-3199 Menschen, widerlegt (SCP Animation)

The last page consisted of several inkblots, thirteen occurrences of the word "life" of varying lengths, two occurrences of the words "I want, I want, I want it" (sic) and the lyrics to "Danny Boy" by the English composer Frederick Weatherly. in Old Gaelic script. The identity of the author of the journal is currently under investigation.

APPENDIX 3199-03: Protocol 34-22-B

The following procedure is to be performed in the event of a containment breach of Site-114 to safely and promptly recontain living instances of SCP-3199.

Level 1 or higher security clearance personnel on site will adopt standard lockdown procedure and evacuate to Site-113 to await further instructions. Site-114 will be completely flooded with clean distilled water that has been treated with Class A soluble tranquilizers. Surface team Tango-306-A is immediately dispatched to recover any remaining specimens of SCP-3199 eggs. All living instances of SCP-3199 are killed immediately and any remaining eggs are collected. All egg samples must be transported to temporary off-site containment in a stable water bath. Site 114 will then be emptied and maintenance personnel will be dispatched to thoroughly clean and disinfect the site, in accordance with the Foundation's Green Zone standard.

Employees who attempt to violate Site-114 before this inspection is complete will be arrested and penalized accordingly.

Note: Several personnel have expressed skepticism regarding the extent of SCP-3199's containment breach protocol. For clarification, we have reason to believe that the liquid is an excellent remedy for SCP-3199's anomalous reproductive characteristics. Appears to become inert in the presence of liquid, regardless of its thickness or clarity. The leading theory is as follows: SCP-3199 perceives the liquid around it as "occupied space".

Regardless, I think I speak for everyone at Area-114 when I say we're quite relieved to have found a safe and consistent method of containment.

Dra. Lewis, 05.12.2017

INTERVIEW 3199-I-01:


APPENDIX 3199-04: trial records

(Video) SCP-3199 Humans, Refuted (SCP Animation)

EXPERIMENT 3199-E-01- 'Heat Exposure' - █/█/2017

Theme:An egg sample from SCP-3199.

Method:Subject has been moved to a containment cell. The temperature inside the cell was gradually increased at an average rate of 7°C/minute.

Results:After about nine minutes, the egg ruptured violently and produced a single chick. The on-site personnel reacted quickly to contain the newborn instance again. However, the excessive internal temperature appears to have affected the physical maturity of the chick, which reached puberty at an accelerated 40-second pace.

The hatchling (now a teenager) produced two more instances of SCP-3199. The onsite security response was swift and all three instances were brought to a halt. All other heat experiments involving eggs from SCP-3199 have been postponed until further notice.

EXPERIMENT 3199-E-02- 'Kälte exposure' - █/█/2017

Theme:An egg sample from SCP-3199.

Method:Subject fully immersed in liquid nitrogen. Given previous experiments, security remains on hold throughout the procedure. After approximately 45 minutes of exposure, SCP-3199 has reached -190°C. After 2 hours of exposure, the egg was removed and placed under a hydraulic press.

Results:The hydraulic press reached a peak pressure of around 9,000 psi. Cracks appeared approximately 30 minutes after exposure before the sample broke. Egg fragments were collected and later pressed into a fine pulp. No traces of albumin or egg yolk were found. Completely burning the remains of the shell managed to completely destroy the egg and its ability to reproduce.

EXPERIMENT 3199-E-03- “Chemical Analysis of Bark” – ██/█/2017

Probe:Ten grams of finely pressed eggshell pulp extracted from an SCP-3199 egg.

Results:A detailed chemical breakdown reveals traces of mother-of-pearl, enamel and a currently unidentified carbon compound. Microscopic analysis suggests that the layer itself consists of a compact crystalline structure. The practical application of this material is still subject to regulatory approval.


1.A domestic rooster.

2.Pan Caveman.

3.Hermione Wiesel

4.margaritifera margaritifera

5.Viper brush.

(Video) SCP-3199 - Humans, Refuted (SCP Animation)

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