The best golf club loft and lie machine and buying guide (2023)

Before deciding on the best loft and lie machines for setting irons, it might be best to understand what the purpose is when using one of these machines. New golfers must have heard the term many times without understanding what they were actually doing.


    • What is loft and lie on a golf club?
    • What is a loft and lie machine?
    • How does a loft and lie machine work?
  • Below is a list of the best loft and lie machine manufacturers in random order:
    • Mitchell Golf Equipment Company
    • The golf club and the cheap loft and the lying machine
    • Loft and Lie Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Flex Meter
    • Golfsmith Ultimate Loft/Lie-Biegemaschine
    • Golfsmith Professional Loft/Liegemaschine
    • Golfsmiths Basic Loft and Lies Machine
    • Some facts about pushup sticks
    • How much does 1 degree of loft affect distance?
    • The importance of the right angle
    • Preis
  • final thoughts
  • Conclusion

What is loft and lie on a golf club?

Each golf iron in a set has a different loft, allowing players to hit the ball from different distances with the same swing. It is the angle of the clubhead face relative to the ground at address. This is called an attic. The racket racket angle is the angle of the shaft relative to the turf when the sole of the racket is flat on the turf. Stance angle is dragged up, down, or neutral.

What is a loft and lie machine?

Simply put, it's a device used to adjust the loft and lie of a racket. There are a few reasons for these tweaks, which we'll explore in more detail. A taller golfer tends to stand taller and closer to the ball on release. The rake angle of a standard set of clubs will likely slightly increase the heel of the sole when the clubhead is on the ground. On the other hand, a smaller player using a standard set of irons will stand further away from the ball at address with the toe slightly raised at address. None of this contributes to the player getting the best results on the field. An adjustment with the rake angle machine will therefore correct them.

How does a loft and lie machine work?

A club fitter or golf dealer can make the proper adjustments to clubs to suit your swing characteristics. For those who like to do it yourself, there is a list of top providers further down the article. The initial task can be done manually by sticking to the sole of the stick. A board of wood or plexiglass-like material is placed firmly on the ground and the player assumes the address position for a golf ball placed on the board. Knocking the ball off the board leaves a mark on the sealed sole showing where the contact point is. Simply put, if it's in the center of the sole, that's the golfer's ideal stance angle. A few swing repetitions are needed to complete the result. If the mark appears toward the toe or heel of the clubhead, the rake angle machine needs to be adjusted or bent. Modern computer systems for ball flight confirm the results of the shooting form, which help to define the angle of position.

Below is a list of the best loft and lie machine manufacturers in random order:

Mitchell Golf Equipment Company

Founded in 1988, the company revolutionized the customization and manufacture of custom rackets. Precision is fundamental in any bending operation and the company has developed machines capable of bending wrought and cast iron, hybrids, planks and metallic woods. They manufacture a complete line of bending machines and measuring machines under the TourGauge and Steelclub brands. These machines are found and used on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour.


The golf club and the cheap loft and the lying machine

The Golf Club and Economy Loft and Lie Machine are precision engineered and capable of flexing and adjusting right and left handed clubs. Woods, irons and putters are precisely tuned to the required loft and lie angle specifications. Each machine is independently built in The GolfWorks machine shop and comes with an engraved serial number. They are quality machines for loft and tilt angle adjustment.

Loft and Lie Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Flex Meter

The Golf Mechanix Clubmakers Loft and Lie Gauge is a well designed loft and lie gauge and can accommodate today's specialty wedges, hybrids and oversized irons. A world-proven machine, it features unmarked pulleys and a highly engineered clamping system for accurate results. It has more than enough bending capacity to handle all materials, including some strong alloys.

The company has kept pace with the latest technology in the golf club industry and is able to accommodate the new malleable and soft alloys in clubs. New attachments increase machine capacity and versatility.

Golfsmith Ultimate Loft/Lie-Biegemaschine

The Golfsmith Ultimate Loft and Lie Bending Machine lives up to its name and is a recognized machine for the club maker or installer who wants a complete package. It is 25% larger than the Professional Loft and Lie Machine from the same company, with all the amenities and easy to use. A 100% milled construction ensures the highest quality and precision. Loft and lie angle scales from 17 to 70 degrees and protractor with large, clear graduations. A deep throat can accommodate the latest big head irons. It can be mounted on a workbench or on the company's specially designed stand.

Golfsmith Professional Loft/Liegemaschine

Golfsmith has a professional loft and lie machine, which is a smaller machine than the Ultimate model in the Golfsmith stable, but is very popular with all club fitters. It has clear, easy-to-read loft and lie indicators for accurate settings. Smooth metal jaws eliminate sticks or damaged marks. The convex sole iron heads are simply attached to the sole support with rollers.

Golfsmiths Basic Loft and Lies Machine

The Golfsmith base model is an ideal machine for the DIY enthusiast or club fitter who only makes occasional loft or lie adjustments to clubs. It's cheap and easy to use. Height and tilt gauges are mounted on the machine, allowing accurate readings without having to remove the dipstick to check readings. Easily mounts to a workbench or installs to Golfsmith's heavy-duty bracket.

Some facts about pushup sticks

  • It's wise to understand some basic truths and lies about golf clubs and the myths that surround them.
  • Lofts and rake angles on a new set of clubs may not be completely accurate and should be checked.
  • Not all folders are absolutely accurate.
  • A well-made racquet can be bent and adjusted more than once without weakening or breaking it.
  • A stick can be bent more than 2 degrees.
  • Metalwoods may have limitations in defining loft and lie angles, but it is possible.
  • Hybrids can be adjusted for lean angle, but should be performed by a club fitter for best results.

How much does 1 degree of loft affect distance?

The length of the shaft and the amount of loft in a racquet determine the distance. On average, a set of clubs can have 4 degrees of loft between each club and about a half inch of shank length. Using this as a guide, this could equate to a difference of between 5 and 8 yards per club. Many manufacturers today tend to remove irons to please golfers who are looking for more distance than accuracy! Try this on the track.

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The importance of the right angle

Without the correct racket racket angle, the ability to hit the ball consistently and directly is reduced. The ball will stick or hook if no adjustments are made during the swing or at the address. Golf is hard enough without these additional issues, so check the angle of your clubs.


Loft and Lie Angle machines can be purchased directly from the company or through other popular websites. High end prices range from $500 to $750, but used machines are readily available. Good new machines can be had for under $500 and it all depends on the level of sophistication required.

final thoughts

Hopefully after reading this article some basic facts about setting loft and lie angles will become clearer to the average golfer. It is imperative that the DIY enthusiast understand how and what result is needed before venturing into the garage to make any adjustments. Some of the best providers in this article have usability guides, and I suggest reading them before doing anything! Check them out to get the best deal on your budget!

If the results of tuning your golf clubs show that you need to tune your golf clubs by one degree, is this process worth going through?

The answer to this question of whether changing your lean angle is worth it depends on how much it affects your game.

If you're playing great golf and hitting the ball the way you want to, you probably don't need to change your stance angle.

However, if you're having trouble with a cut or a hook that just won't come out, we recommend adjusting the rake angle.

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If you haven't adjusted the angle, you can start adjusting your golf swing.

These balance adjustments will create bad habits and leave you with a lot more work to do in the future.

If this describes your situation, we recommend using a lie and loft machine to correct your golf club's rake angle.

This isn't a difficult or expensive project, and if it gives you the opportunity to start with lower scores, it's well worth the money.


Bending the position angle of a golf club at home will surely improve your golf club playing skills. Changing or altering the length of a club is a little easier than this project. However, with the right lie and loft machine, you should have no trouble completing the project. We strongly recommend that you are ready to adjust alignment and loft before you start adjusting the draft angle.

While most golf clubs respond reasonably well to changes in club position, you don't want to constantly adjust your clubs back and forth. Restoring clubs to their original factory settings can be difficult without proper knowledge. Before you start bat bending, read our guide and make sure you have (5641)

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Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro, but with over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golf around the world. His mission is to provide the golf community with a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf equipment and finding the right setup for your game.

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