Washing machine symbols: what they are and how to program the cycles (2023)

Do the symbols on the washing machine look like mischievous hieroglyphics designed to trick you into giving up your obligation to wash your bedding? Don't worry, we have prepared for you the "translation" of the darkest and most mysterious symbols. Read what the drawings that appear on the display indicate and, abracadabra, the washing machine will have no more secrets for you.

Washing machine symbols: what they are and how to program the cycles (1)

wash clothesIt should be pretty easy, right? But sometimes we look at each otherwashing machine iconswith little hesitation. And we wonder if they weren't created specifically to confuse us and make us abandon the good intentions of launching this device.

Flowers, trays half full or half empty depending on whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, triangles, spirals, shells and cannonballs.

Okay, let's not exaggerate, some of these symbols are not drawn on the washing machine, at least not yet, but we have to admit that the ones we find on the washing machine areAnnouncementsometimes they look like godsdark hieroglyphicsInstead of guidelines created to make life easier for those who just want clean records.

Fortunately, some washing machines have words that act as "tips" and help us understand what a certain function is for. But if you have one in front of youWashing machine for very intuitive people, without fear. In fact, I only know thatMeaning of the washing machine symbolsto operate this very useful machine without delay.

In order to clarify the meaning of these hieroglyphs, we decided to select some of the most common functions to see what they mean.

Later we will also see what they are.washing iconsdepicted in the laundry waiting patiently in the laundry basket. But we go in order.

What do the symbols on the washing machine mean?

Washing machine symbols: what they are and how to program the cycles (2)

If you think that using the washing machine is difficult, we are here ready to clear up any questions or uncertainties you may have. First, let's look at the symbols found on thewashing machine drawerin which you have to pour the detergent and fabric softener.

So, let's start from the beginning as it should be:Where do you put the detergent in the washing machine?? She should be in front of you in the washing machine drawer.3 compartments:

  • Bowl with vertical rod: It is the container in which the stain remover, bleach, bleach or detergent for the pre-wash is poured
  • Sink with two vertical rods: It is the symbol of the washing machine for the detergent, here the laundry soap must be placed to carry out the washing itself
  • flower icon: The flower icon on the washing machine indicates the area that needs to be spilledplasticizer. In this sense, we advise you to choose a natural, homemade and ecological fabric softener.

How to choose the right program for the washing machine?

Great, now that we have put the detergent in the washing machine we knowwe are already at a good point. We just have to find out what program we use to wash the curtains or other fabric that you have on hand at the moment. As I said, many washing machines indicate the programs with very specific words, which makes our work much easier.

But if, on the contrary, we find all these symbols on the display of the washing machine, why should we be guided? Below is the "translationof some of the most important symbols:

  1. t-shirt-symbolin the washing machine: Identify cotton items such as underwear, t-shirts or tablecloths. In this case, you can also choose to wash these pieces at 40, 60 or 90 degrees, depending on how dirty they are.
  2. ECO: This icon indicates that theecological laundryallowing you to save on consumption without sacrificing thorough cleaning
  3. Ball of wool: As you can imagine, drawing a ball indicates that the wash is adequateWool sweaters, blankets and dresses. In this case, the password is actually:Delicacy. A gentle spin cycle (no more than 400 rpm) should be programmed to avoid damaging the fabric.
  4. mariposa: This symbol indicates adelicate washsuitable for silk garments that are washed at a low temperature and without spinning
  5. triangle: What does the triangle symbol on the washing machine mean? EITHERopen triangleor with other symbols indicates that the clothing is suitable for mesynthetic fabricslike polyester. In general, these are more resistant garments that can be adjusted to higher temperatures and higher spin cycles.
  6. gym shirt: On some models of washing machines you will find this symbol or that of aCoachindicates that the program is suitable for technical fabrics typical of sportswear
  7. clock with three lines: show aQuick washwhich can be useful, for example, when the laundry is not very dirty but just needs to be refreshed
  8. Eisen: This symbol on the washing machine indicates a wash cycle that reduces wrinkles
  9. Black shirt: This symbol indicates that the wash is suitable for dark colours, which tend to fade more easily, therefore requiring ad hoc washing and temperatures
  10. symbol forcontainer full of water: show aimmersion functionvery useful for washing clothes with difficult stains
  11. Pelvis with a line through it: this is the function "prewashing”, a program that, like soaking, is very useful for garments withdifficult to treat stainslike the ones with sauce
  12. symbol forhand in a sink: means “hand wash” for very delicate fabrics
  13. Container with water and arrow pointing down: indicates itdrain
  14. Spiral: is the symbol ofcentrifugein the washing machine
  15. clock icon: If you are wondering how to set this updelayed start of washing machinethat is yours "leadership icon“. Each number corresponds to an hour. You can select the start time for the washing machine simply by scrolling to the selected number.

Washing symbols on clothing labels

Washing machine symbols: what they are and how to program the cycles (3)

At this point we already know where to put the detergent, we know which program to activate and theoretically the world is already in our hands. Theoretically. Before starting the device, there is one last thing you must do: understand what the icon is that tells us that we can wash a certain item of clothing in the washing machine.

In general, what do all those symbols on your favorite T-shirts and pants mean?

These labels indicate the most suitable washing methods for the type of fabric. For example, if a garment cannot be machine washed because the fabric may be too delicate, theWashbasin "Striped" with "X".

On the other hand, the image of a bowl indicates that the garment is machine washable. In this case, the most suitable temperatures for washing are often indicated as well.

You will find a symbol on clothes that cannot be tumble dried.Square with a circle and an "X" insidewhileSymbol of Kreisindicates that the garment or fabric must be dry cleaned.

Still in the symbols of the washing machine, theP inside a circleindicates that the boss can bedry cleanwith any solvent except trichlorethylene.

finally cleanmore delicate clothesYou can find the dreadedlattice bowl, stating that you will, unfortunately, need to hand wash these particular garments. The same indication can be represented by abowl with a hand in it.

Well, at this point, the washing machine no longer has secrets for you. All you have to do is take this mountain of clothes to wash and finally choose the program that best suits your laundry needs.

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