What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (2023)

Although every dishwasher is different, most of the symbols are similar across different makes and models of dishwashers.

In this post, we explain the different dishwasher symbols and what they mean using images and symbols used by our 4 recommended dishwasher brands listed below:

  • The best table dishwasherKlarsteinAmazon 6
  • best floorstanding dishwasherWhite Knight DW1460WA
  • Best Integrated DishwasherIndesit DIF04B1
  • Best Slimline Dishwasher (Freestanding and Built-In Models)Bosch Series 2 SPS24CW00G/Bosch Series 2 SPV25CX00G

We also explain the different errors that can appear on each of the above dishwashers and what these warning lights mean.

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Dishwasher symbols explained

Before diving into each model, it's easiest to take a quick look at the control panel display of each of the 4 dishwashers we're using as an example to understand what the differences areSoftware,indicators, and otherhazard lights.

Take a look at each interface below:

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (1)
What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (2)
What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (3)
What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (4)

Now let's dive into each of them in turn:

Dishwashing program icons

Each dishwasher offers a different variety of programs that you can run the machine on, and each program has a specific icon that represents the program cycle.

Below are the most common dishwashing programs.

Use: Diagrams and more information about these symbols can be found later in this article for different dishwashers.

Pot/pan icon with an extra line underneath– This symbol can be used for intensive programs used for heavily soiled laundry. They take longer to defuse and use more energy.

Pot/pan icon– This symbol alone can be used for the normal/standard program.

ecological symbol– This symbol stands for ecological washing. This program takes longer than a normal wash, but uses less energy. Expect the average Eco cycle to last around 3 hours.

glass icon- This symbol is used for a lighter wash, usually quicker and not as hot as normal washes. This is ideal for loads that aren't too dirty, like a dishwasher full of glasses after a party.

90 / clock icon– A clock icon is often used to represent a quick wash, with the number (90 in most cases) indicating how long the cycle lasts. The cycle is usually very similar to the normal dishwashing program, but each phase is faster to reduce the overall time.

sprinkle– A spray symbol can be used for a prewash or quick rinse programme. This program is best used when loading the dishwasher takes days and you want to wash dishes quickly to avoid dirt build-up.

Dishwasher indicator icons

The most common indicators are hererefill saltjRefill rinse aidindicators ordelay timer.

IsSalt refill indicatorThe symbol is represented as two arrows loosely representing an "S". When this light is on, you mustTop up the salt level in your dishwasher.

IsRinse aid refill indicatorThe icon looks like a "spark"/snowflake icon. When this light is on, you mustRefill your dishwasher rinse aid.

delay timerThey are usually a symbol like 3am, 6am, 9am etc. These symbols are used to show how many hours the dishwasher has been set to delay. For example, if you start a program at 13:00. M. and delays 3h, starts at 16h. M

Other warning lights for dishwashers

There are other error codes or warning light sequences that may also appear. They most commonly appear when the dishwasher is installed and something hasn't been turned on or connected properly, but they can also indicate a fault in the appliance if they show up later.

For a definition of the various error codes, or warning lights, and what they mean, see each specific device listed later in this article.

Klarstein Amazonia 6: Dishwasher symbols and error codes

The Klarstein Amazonia 6 has 6 different programs (isn't that a coincidence?). These are Normal, Intensive, Eco, Glass, 90 min and Fast.

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (5)
  • Intensive– For heavily soiled dishes and pots, pans, dishes etc. with dry dirt. This cycle takes 140 minutes and uses 10 liters of water.
  • Normal– For normally soiled crockery such as lightly soiled pots, plates, glasses and pans. This cycle takes 120 minutes and uses 8 liters of water.
  • ECO (*EN 50242)– For normally soiled crockery. This cycle takes 180 minutes and uses 6.5 liters of water.
  • was– For lightly soiled crockery such as glasses, glassware and fine china. This cycle takes 75 minutes and uses 7 liters of water.
  • 90 minutes– For lightly soiled crockery and glasses. This cycle takes 90 minutes and uses 7 liters of water.
  • Fast– A shorter cycle for lightly soiled laundry and a quick wash. This cycle takes 30 minutes and uses 6 liters of water.

IsRinse aid refill indicatorcan be seen under the program icons on the left, and theSalt refill indicatorcan be seen under the program icons on the right.

Klarstein Amazonia 6 error codes

The following error codes can flash on the front display:

  • E1 (longest input time)– The water tap is not open, the water inlet is blocked or the water pressure is too low
  • E4 (excess)– Something leaks out in the dishwasher. If an overflow occurs, shut off the main water supply before calling for service. If there is water in the lower bowl due to an overflow or a small leak, the water must be drained before restarting the dishwasher.

White Knight DW1460WA: Dishwasher error codes and symbols

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (6)

Let's focus on the control panel, labeled as number 3 in the diagram above (sorry for squinting, but White Knight doesn't have a larger or higher quality image to use!).

There are 14 symbols in total, starting in the top row from left to right:

  • #1 Function display for half load: (1/2 indicates that the half load function has been selected)
  • No. 2 – No. 7 Programme: Intensive, Normal, Eco, Vidro, 90 min, Fast
  • #8 faucet indicator: Indicates that the device is not supplied with water
  • #9 Klarspüleranzeige: Indicates when the dispenser needs to be refilled
  • Add #10 salt indicator: Indicates when the dispenser needs to be refilled
  • #11 - #14 delay time: Indicates that a delay time has been set, which can be toggled to 3 hrs 6 hrs 9 hrs 12 hrs

Other button functions as above:

  1. on/off switch: Turns the power on/off
  2. Half charge button: Select this option when washing 7 place settings or less. This uses less water and electricity.
  3. (as mentioned above)
  4. delay button: To cycle through the 4 available delay times
  5. Program key: to browse and select the program to use
  6. Start/Pause-Taste: To start the selected washing program or to interrupt the washing program while the machine is running

White Knight DW1460WA errors, beeps and flashing lights

Quick program light flashes

Longer entry time. Faucets are not open, the water supply is restricted or the water pressure is too low.

Window program light flashes

overflowSomething goes into the dishwasher. If it overflows, turn off the main water supply before calling for service. If there is water in the base due to an overflow or a small leak, the water must be removed before the dishwasher can be used again.

Indesit DIF 04B1: Dishwasher error codes and symbols

The Indesit DIF 04B1 is a built-in dishwasher with a minimal control panel.

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (7)

The image above of the control panel shows the available dishwasher programs as follows:

IsECOWash cycle is the standard cycle to which the energy label data refers. It can be used to wash normally soiled dishes and is the most efficient program in terms of energy and water consumption for this type of dishes.

Starkdirty dishes and pans (do not use for delicate items).

Normallydirty pots and dishes.

prewashwhile waiting for the load of dishes to be ready for the next meal.Detergent is not required for this program..

There are no salt or rinse aid indicators on the main panel. These ads can be seen on the side of each donor.

Indesit DIF 04B1 errors, beeps and flashing lights

Beeps will sound (on some models) and all cycle indicator lights will flash

There is no water in the main supply line or the water supply hose is kinked. Make sure the tap is on and the device turns on after a few minutes.

The ON/OFF indicator light flashes quickly and the second and third wash indicator lights flash

The device lock was activated because no action was taken when the beeps sounded.

Turn off the machine with the ON/OFF button, open the water tap and after a few seconds turn the machine back on by pressing the same button. Reprogram the machine and start the wash cycle again.

Bosch Series 2 SPV25CX00G: dishwasher symbols and error codes

There are several Bosch models in the Serie range, with the Bosch Series 2 being the best buy, howeverBosch series 4and the Bosch 6 Series are great additions for those looking to spend a little more.

One thing that is quite obvious about the Bosch series is that their standalone models are much easier to understand. This is because the control panel area is much larger and Bosch has chosen to use the space to clearly label each button and light.

I would venture a guess that if you google "what do the Bosch series dishwasher icons mean?" you'll see a single icon on the front of the control panel with no text to explain each option.

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (8)

If you've read the entire article up to this point, you've probably already covered most of the indicators in the chart above. There is only one pair that has not been treated (7 & 8).

The following list describes the function of each button and indicator in the Bosch Series 2 diagram above:

  1. On / off switch
  2. set delayed timer
  3. Additional options (see below)
  4. Shows which program is selected
  5. Select program (cycle to the left)
  6. Select program (cycle to the right)
  7. Indicates that the device is oncleaningPhase
  8. Indicates that the device is ondryPhase
  9. Start Knopf
  10. Rinse aid refill indicator
  11. Salt refill indicator
  12. "Check water supply" display.

Additional Bosch Series 2 options (button #3)

Additional options that can be activated with button 3 are the following:

Express Wash / Perfect Speed ​​/ (VarioSpeed)

This function can increase the operating time by approximately 20% to 50% depending on the washing program selected. For optimal cleaning and drying results with reduced operating time, increased water and energy consumption.

intensive Zone

Perfect for a mixed load. You can wash heavily soiled pots and pans in the lower basket together with normally soiled dishes in the upper basket. The spray pressure in the lower basket is intensified and the wash temperature slightly increased.


The temperature rises during the cleaning process. This increases the level of hygiene. This additional option is ideal for cleaning e.g. cutting boards and bottles.

half charge

If you only have a few dishes to wash (e.g. glasses, cups, plates), you can switch to "half load". This saves water, energy and time. AND
It is recommended to put slightly less detergent in the detergent drawer than for a full load.

additional drying

A higher temperature during the final rinse and a longer drying phase ensure that plastic parts also dry better. The energy consumption increases slightly.

What do the different dishwasher symbols mean? (9)


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