Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (2023)

Big Bend National Park is not small. In fact, it's slightly larger than Rhode Island at around 800,000 acres. Also, Big Bend is located in the southwest corner of Texas, about three hours south of Interstate 10. Basically, Big Bend NP is not a random place to land. It takes time and planning to get there and enjoy a visit.

Since Big Bend is so large and remote, your visit will likely include at least one night. There is only one main road through the park, so travel times there and back are not short. While it is possible to see the park's highlights in one day, it would be a long day. You'll also likely miss some of the best parts of Big Bend: the scenery and the short trip across the river to Mexico.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (1)

There are several sleeping options within the park: the lodge, three developed campgrounds and several campgrounds on the countryside. The nearest off-park lodge is in Terlingua, about 30 miles from the center of the park. No matter what accommodation you choose, staying at the park for several days is sure to make your visit even more enjoyable.

We spent four nights at the park in early April 2018.our scriptIt allowed us to see all the major sights in the park, walk a bit, drive on pristine roads and try out all the different sleeping options.

(Disclaimer: When we link to places where you can buy our stuff or stay overnight, we use special codes that allow us to earn commissions on sales at no additional cost to you. Check out oursAudit policyfor more informations.)

Accommodation in the Chisos mountains

The only hotel in the park is this Accommodation in the Chisos mountains🇧🇷 Like many national park lodges, it's basic but adequate. Located in the Chisos Basin near the center of the park, the lodge has comfortable rooms, as well as a dining room, visitor center and small shop.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (2)

We spent our first night at the hostel where we enjoyed a reasonably comfortable bed and air conditioning. Our motel style room had a mini fridge and microwave but not many other luxuries. Although we had a balcony overlooking the Chisos mountains and surrounding hiking trails, we didn't miss the TV!

Unless you are a camper, this is your only option at the park. There are a few options in Terlingua but you need to be prepared to drive. If you are looking for a link to accommodation in Terlingua, check out the Booking.com link at the bottom of the page.

developed camp

There are three campgrounds within the park operated by the National Park Service: Chisos Basin (central), Cottonwood (west side), and Rio Grande Village (east side). Don't get too excited about the "evolved" description, though. Chisos Basin and Rio Grande have running water and restrooms, but you won't find any other amenities at either of these campgrounds.

If traveling with an RV, check the Big Bend National Park official website for height restrictions. All campsites accommodate small campers, but you will not find hookups at any of the three above.

In particular, the drive to Chisos Basin Campground is restricted to trailers under 20 feet in length and RVs under 24 feet in length due to hairpin turns and steep drops.

Technically, there is one "camp" for RVs, the Rio Grande Village RV Campground, which is operated by concession. However, I hesitate to call this a camp. What we actually saw were RVs and trailers on a paved parking lot with very little space in between and no shade. I would not recommend this "camp" to anyone except those who must have connections for health reasons.

Cardboard warehouse

We spent our second night at Camp Cottonwood on the west side of Big Bend. This 24-site campground is located on the west side of the park between Santa Elena Canyon and the Castolon Visitor Center.

The sites are NOT bookable. So if you're visiting in high season (late fall - early spring), you'll need to get there early to claim your site. We arrived at lunchtime in early April and the camp was more than half full. After getting some tips from the camp host, we chose a place and set up the camp.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (3)

Each pitch has a picnic table and grill. There are some taps for washing dishes, but drinking water is only available at the camp entrance. The only toilets available are a couple of well maintained toilets. Although we found a few trailers here, there is no dump station and generators are not allowed.

Camp costs are $14/night, payable in cash or check at the train station near the camp entrance.


Campsites here are well maintained and well spaced out. There is a decent number of trees but consider placing the trees with the setting sun when choosing a site. Some locations are certainly better shaded than others.

While we enjoyed this campground, we really didn't until after staying at the much larger and busier Rio Grande Village campground a few nights later.

Camp Vila Rio Grande

On the east side of the park, near the intersection of Boquillas and Mexico, is the Rio Grande Village campground. This campsite has 100 pitches, about half of which are bookable in high season. We didn't have a reservation but had no problem finding a seat during our visit.

Pro tip:Be sure to check the map and walk around the entire camp before choosing a location. Some of the best parts are on the back.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (4)

In the Vila Rio Grande you will find bathrooms with toilets and sinks. No connections yet, but the sites are very large and quite far apart. Pay showers are located near the supermarket and gas station.

A bonus for this campsite is the nature trail in the background. We didn't have time to walk the entire trail, but only the first few hundred meters traverse a swamp before a short climb to a viewpoint. We followed the advice on the NPS website and enjoyed the sunset along this trail on our last night. Definitely not a bad way to end our visit to Big Bend!

The only downside to the Rio Grande Village Campground is the crowds and noise. Noisy neighbors are possible at any campsite, but it seemed particularly bad here. I think the size and location of the camp helped.

Again, there are several pages that seem to be a bit more private. Take one of these if you can.

Sertanejo Stock

While there are only three developed camps, there are MANY untouched sites inland. If you can deal with the solitude and wilderness of a rural area, you'll be staying in some of the best parts of Big Bend NP.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (5)

Many of the backcountry sites are outside ofprimitive roads🇧🇷 These locations are perfect for those of us who want to experience the back country while auto camping. If you hike, you can also find pristine places along the Chisos Basin and other hiking trails.

We saw different places in the countryside as we drove along the pristine roads. Some were more private than others, but all were large and well maintained. If you're camping with a group, one of these spots would be perfect. In solitude, you can have fun without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

hike southwestprovides an excellent overview of many of the backcountry sites in Big Bend. We already knew we wanted to camp along River Road. This page helped us choose the best site for us. Keep in mind that some of Big Bend's pristine roads require four-wheel drive. So before you decide on a place, make sure you can drive on the road to get there!

get a license

Camping in Big Bend National Park requires a permit, which can be obtained no later than 24 hours before your first night. You must visit the Panther Junction Visitor Center in person to obtain your permit.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (6)

In the high season you will certainly have to queue early. I also suggest having some alternative options in case the site you want is already listed.

We were there the first week of April and had no problem getting the site we wanted. Temperatures were already in the 90s along the river, so venues in this area were not in high demand.

The rangers will give you background information about each site, but it would be wise to do your homework beforehand.

(Video) 48 Hours in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Solos 2

Our backcountry camping experience took place along the River Road in Solis 2. If you have a vehicle to drive on the River Road, there are many places to choose from. Based on our itinerary, we knew we wanted to camp at the east end. After much deliberation, we decided on the Solis 2.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (7)

Located off the main drag not far from the Rio Grande, the Solis 2 was the perfect balance of privacy and easy access. The river provided some shade on a hot afternoon. We even saw some of the wild horses between the US and Mexico.

The camp was large, with plenty of room for trucks and a tent. In fact, most drive-through sites offer space for two to three vehicles and at least 10 people.

We enjoyed the afternoon in the shade of the river and set up camp as the sun went down and temperatures were moderate. For dinner we use our pressure cooker to boil some water to make a delicious mealPad Thai meal for backpackers.

After dinner we enjoyed the sunset while reading. With no noise or interruptions, it really was the perfect way to end the day.

After dark, the vastness of the night sky kept us on our toes, even without a TV or other amenities. And Grant had the perfect backdrop for some night shots.

Learn more about driving Big Bend's dirt roads here.

the Camp of primitives

This was our first primitive camp in many years. There was some noise during the night which made me a bit nervous but overall we both enjoyed the solitude and privacy of the countryside.

Yes, we had to create our own bathroom...that's definitely part of primitive camping. Luckily we didn't have to worry too much about privacy as I doubt a single person was more than 10 miles from us.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (8)

The camp provided a "bear box" to store food and rubbish, which is mandatory in this part of the world. While the only animal we saw was a rabbit, we did hear a couple of donkeys.

Darts also populate the park and are something to worry about when camping. Ironically, the only one we saw wasn't in the Sertão but at the Rio Grande Village Campground.

If you are a camper, I recommend spending at least one night at the campsite. This was definitely an experience we will not forget.

Read more about our four days in Big Bend here.

Choose your accommodation

Campers are spoiled for choice at Big Bend NP. If you need a bed and air conditioning, the lodge is your only option within the park.

The park's Chisos Basin area is centrally located and has moderate temperatures, making it a good choice for camping. However, if you intend to visit Mexico or drive along the River Road, this may not be the best place for you.

Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (9)

We opted for a nighttime move as it made the most sense based on our itinerary. Perhaps you prefer to stay in one place for several nights. If that's the case, prepare to drive a bit. And remember that the speed limit in the park is 45 km/h.

(Video) A Day in the Life | Full Time RV Living | Big Bend National Park, Texas

If you want a room in the hostel, be sure to book in advance, especially if you're arriving in high season. As mentioned above, you can reserve part of the year at the Rio Grande Village Campground. Plan in advance and make reservations well in advance.

Big Bend NP has a lot to offer for those seeking nature and solitude. Even in the off-season, the park seemed almost empty. Whatever your choice, we are sure you will enjoy your visit.

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Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park - Our life full of tours (10)


Where to sleep in Big Bend National Park? ›

Chisos Mountains Lodge

The lodge offers a variety of rooms and cottages, plus a gift shop, camper store, and dining room. The lodge is open year-round, and is the only lodging available within Big Bend National Park. www.chisosmountainslodge.com or 432-477-2291 for more information.

Can you spend the night at Big Bend National Park? ›

Although very remote, Big Bend provides a variety of opportunities for overnight camping and lodging, as well as two gas stations, and three camper stores.

How many days should I stay in Big Bend? ›

2-3 days is the perfect amount of time to explore the highlights of Big Bend – although you could easily spend weeks here! For these itineraries, Day 1 focuses on the Central and East sides of the Park, including the Chisos Basin and Rio Grande Village.

Can you camp anywhere in Big Bend National Park? ›

You may only camp in campgrounds or designated campsites (with a permit). Visit Big Bend's backcountry use page for more information. Protect YOUR Park. These are a few of the regulations that all backcountry campers are required to follow.

What is the best month to go to Big Bend National Park? ›

From October-April, you can usually find a pleasant weather window in the park. Weather in the winter can be variable though, and for that reason the best time to visit Big Bend National Park is October, November, March, or April. The spring brings optimal weather to the park as well as wildflowers.

Are there cougars in Big Bend National Park? ›

A group of hikers recently shared a walking trail with a mountain lion at Big Bend National Park, Texas video shows, and the big cat was on the hunt. Known to be “reclusive and secretive,” it's a rare thing just to see a cougar in its habitat, rarer still to witness the predator doing what it does best.

Why is Big Bend Hot Springs closed? ›

This trail is an out and back for now due to the flooding in the Rio Grande.

Is Big Bend cash only? ›

All vehicles entering Big Bend National Park are subject to an entrance fee. All fees are payable by credit or debit cards only. Mobile pay options are accepted also.

Is Big Bend the darkest place in the US? ›

International Dark Sky Park

The Natural Sounds and Night Skies division of the National Park Service has determined that Big Bend has the darkest night skies of any national park in the lower 48 states.

What dangers are in Big Bend? ›

The most common dangers in Big Bend National Park are the same dangers that exist in any remote, mountainous area – dehydration, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, and getting lost. Additionally, some animals in the park could pose a threat to humans, such as mountain lions, bears, bobcats, and rattlesnakes.

Can you shower at Big Bend? ›

Showers. Are showers available in park campgrounds? The only available showers are located at the Rio Grande Village Store. There is a charge for showers; a change machine is available, and showers are available 24/7.

What is the closest town to Big Bend National Park? ›

Marathon. Marathon was established with the coming of the railroad in 1882. However, the establishment of Big Bend National Park made Marathon the closest gateway town to the Park, and a jumping off point for Park visitors.

Can you camp for free in Big Bend National Park? ›

A permit ($12) is required to stay in all backcountry campsites at Big Bend National Park. You may stay up to 14 days with the permit.

What is stealth camping? ›

Stealth camping is camping overnight in a van or RV in areas outside of a designated camping area, usually without permission. Many people choose to do this to avoid paying camping fees or because they only plan to stay at the location for a few hours.

Can you carry a gun in Big Bend National Park? ›

The new law allows for the carrying (in plain-view) of firearms in compliance with existing Federal and state firearms regulations. Although the new law allows for open-carry within the park, the following federal regulations remain unchanged and will continue to be strictly enforced throughout Big Bend National Park.

Does Big Bend get cold at night? ›

Winters in Big Bend are generally mild, with the occasional short cold snap. Usually, the skies are clear, and day time highs can run into the 70's or higher. Under clear skies, however, it gets colder at night, often near freezing. Counterintuitively, it is colder along the Rio Grande at night than in the mountains.

What do I need to know before going to Big Bend? ›

Top Ten Tips for Visiting Big Bend
  • Seasons. Big Bend is best enjoyed from late fall through early spring. ...
  • Camping and Lodging. Big Bend is busy! ...
  • Road Conditions. Know what your vehicle can handle. ...
  • Bring Water! Bring more water than you think you will need. ...
  • River Trips. ...
  • Beat the Heat! ...
  • Phone Service. ...
  • Pets.
14 Jan 2022

Why is Big Bend so popular? ›

Often referred to as Texas' Gift to the Nation, Big Bend is famous for its natural resources and recreational opportunities, the park is also rich in cultural history. Native peoples lived in and/or passed through this area for thousands of years. Their presence is evidenced by pictographs and archeological sites.

Do I need bear spray in Big Bend? ›

First off, the Mexican Black Bears that roam the Chisos Basin tend to be extremely skittish and shy. Unlike Glacier or Yellowstone National Park where bear spray is a requirement, you'll likely be just fine going without while you're hiking in Big Bend.

Are there wolves in Big Bend National Park? ›

Extirpated from the wild throughout the Southwestern United States, the status of the Mexican Wolf (a subspecies of Gray Wolf) in Northern Mexico is uncertain. Two lone males killed on separate ranches north of the park in 1970 are the last confirmed sightings in the vicinity of Big Bend National Park.

Are there poisonous snakes in Big Bend National Park? ›

The Trans-Pecos copperhead is a venomous snake, found throughout the park in the proper habitat, which includes springs and the Rio Grande. This subspecies is confined to far West Texas and northeastern Mexico.

Does Big Bend have mosquitoes? ›

The location's weather patterns over the past several months can determine how many mosquitoes emerge. The risk for mosquito activity is extremely high. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when spending time outdoors to prevent bites.

Can you swim in the hot springs at Big Bend? ›

Swimming is not recommended; be aware that adjacent river currents and depths can be unpredictable. Please help to keep the area clean by picking up trash. Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited. Overnight camping in the area of the Hot Springs is prohibited.

Are there bathrooms in Big Bend? ›

Restrooms are located at visitors centers and campgrounds; vault toilets are available at Boquillas Canyon, Dugout Wells, the Fossil Discovery Exhibit, the Hot Springs area and Santa Elena Canyon.

Do you need a reservation to enter Big Bend National Park? ›

Reservations are not needed to enter Big Bend National Park, but normal entrance fees will be collected at all park entrance stations.

Do I need passport for Big Bend? ›

You can visit Boquillas, Mexico via the port of entry on the Rio Grande River in Big Bend National Park. In order to cross the border, you must possess a valid US Passport, US and Canadian citizens can also present a valid Passport Card, Enhanced Driver's License, Trusted Traveler Program Card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST).

Can you bring alcohol to Big Bend National Park? ›

Alcohol. Public display or consumption of alcohol is prohibited. All outdoor areas within the park are public.

Can you see Milky Way in Big Bend? ›

Big Bend NP is an International Dark Sky Park and has the darkest skies of any National Park in the lower 48 states thanks to its remote location, sparse regional population, and measures to reduce light pollution. For many visitors, stargazing in Big Bend is their first opportunity to see the Milky Way in their lives.

How many bears are in the Big Bend? ›

A healthy adult bear in Big Bend can weigh 200-400 pounds and stand five to six feet tall. There are approximately 30-40 black bears living in Big Bend.

When can you see the Milky Way at Big Bend? ›

The best time of year to stargaze in Big Bend National Park is October to April. This is the dry season in the park and you are less likely to encounter rain storms. March is the most popular time to visit this park.

Do people go missing Big Bend? ›

The pair disappeared during a visit to Big Bend National Park. The pair was last seen on Jan. 28, 2022 when 49-year-old Hector Flores Jr. and his 9-year-old daughter Luna Flores made their way to Big Bend National Park in a blue 2005 Dodge 1500 truck.

Are there Bobcats in Big Bend? ›

Bobcat. Big Bend's most numerous and commonly seen cat, bobcats live throughout the park, mainly in brushy areas near water. They are normally solitary and not often seen during the day. During some years, they are frequently reported near the Rio Grande Village campground and picnic areas.

Are there bears in Big Bend Ranch State park? ›

Mountain lions live in the park, while black bears wander through occasionally. Mule deer and collared peccary or javelina are common.

How long does it take to drive through Big Bend National Park? ›

Plan to spend at least 2 days in Big Bend, although more time is better. This is a fairly large national park with three distinct areas: the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive region, Chisos Basin, and the sights in and around Rio Grande Village.

What time can you enter Big Bend National Park? ›

Park entrances are open 24 hours daily, all year.

Does Big Bend have a waterfall? ›

Big Bend has a little bit of everything — including waterfalls, despite the arid West Texas climate. Cattail Falls is hiding within the towering mountain peaks, accessible via a moderate, 5.7-mile hike. At 80 feet tall, it's truly a hidden desert gem that belongs on your outdoor adventure bucket list.

What is the difference between Big Bend State Park and Big Bend National Park? ›

Big Bend National Park is nearly three times the size of Big Bend Ranch and more developed, with paved, RV-friendly roadways, big campgrounds, and a hotel and restaurant. The only paved road in the state park is River Road, FM 170, along the park's southern boundary. State park campsites are primitive.

What is unusual about Big Bend? ›

This area is a unique habitat for animals and plant species alike. According to the National Park Service, the park is home to about 1,200 plants and 75 different mammal species.

Can you just drive through Big Bend National Park? ›

More than 100 miles of paved roads throughout Big Bend National Park showcase not only gorgeous vistas, but also invite you to marvel at the geological splendor, contemplate the lives of early settlers, and observe the incredible diversity of plants and animals that call this home.

Can you sleep in your car in Bend? ›

Unfortunately your vehicle must be less than 20 feet, you are not allowed to sleep in your car, and RVs are not allowed.

How to reserve a campsite at Big Bend? ›

For reservations call 432-477-2293.

How much does it cost to camp at Beavers Bend? ›

Beavers Bend State Park

Our understanding is that all campsites are first come first served. The rough cost to camp is $12 per tent per campsite and about $20 for RV camping.

What is the 2 2 2 rule for camping? ›

The RVing 2/2/2 rule is a safe and effective way to plan your travel. It means drive no more than 200 miles a day, stop every 2 hours, and stay 2 nights in each place. Some RVers also put an appendix on the rule encouraging drivers to arrive at an overnight destination by 2:00 p.m.

What is the 333 rule for camping? ›

By adhering to this simple rule of thumb, you can make traveling easier for your whole family. What is this? First, limit your travel to no more than 300 miles in one day. Second, arrive no later than 3 p.m. Finally, stay at your destination for at least three days.

What is the number 1 rule of wild camping? ›

The general rule is – leave the area in exactly the same condition as it was discovered. Be considerate and camp high: Whenever wild camping it's important to stay away from settlements and respect the privacy of others.

How many days should I spend in Big Bend National Park? ›

With three days to spend in the park, you can explore the major roads more thoroughly and still have time for hiking.

Does Big Bend have mountain lions? ›

Encountering a Mountain Lion

Each year, more than 150 lion sightings are reported by visitors to Big Bend National Park. While most of these sightings happen along park roadways, encounters along trails also occur. Since 1984 several mountain lion encounters in the park have resulted in attacks on people.

Do you need a 4x4 in Big Bend National Park? ›

Most backcountry roads in Big Bend require four wheel drive and high clearance (Sturdy tires on 15" rims or more, and at least 8 inches clearance from the lowest part of the axle or frame).

What city to stay in when visiting Big Bend? ›

The Big Bend lodging inside the park and the towns Terlingua/Lajitas offer the best park access. Further away other options for where to stay when visiting Big Bend National Park are Marathon, Alpine and Marfa.

How do you stay safe in Big Bend National Park? ›

Plan hikes within your ability.
  1. Let someone know where you're going and when you expect to return.
  2. Take along a map and compass and know how to use them.
  3. Carry a flashlight, first aid kit, and signaling device (mirror and whistle).
  4. Avoid narrow canyons or dry washes; flash floods may occur during thunderstorms.
22 Oct 2020

Do you need a permit to camp at Big Bend? ›

A backcountry permit is required for ALL backcountry camping in Big Bend National Park. This includes backpacking and primitive roadside campsites. Backcountry permits are also required for river trips and stock use.

Which part of Bend is best to stay? ›

Downtown is one of the best places to stay in Bend, Oregon. The area has many amazing accommodations like Oxford Hotel, plus some awesome pet-friendly hotels, and many attractions!

Do you need bear spray Big Bend? ›

Unlike Glacier or Yellowstone National Park where bear spray is a requirement, you'll likely be just fine going without while you're hiking in Big Bend.

Is Terlingua Texas safe for tourists? ›

Terlingua felt completely safe to me (there's hardly anyone there), but I realize that folks that care about me were concerned when I shared that we were traveling to the Southwest. After all, Terlingua and Big Bend Country in general is on the US-Mexico border which I realize makes some people slightly uncomfortable.

Are there bears in Big Bend Ranch State Park? ›

Mountain lions live in the park, while black bears wander through occasionally. Mule deer and collared peccary or javelina are common.

Can you carry a gun in Big Bend? ›

The new law allows for the carrying (in plain-view) of firearms in compliance with existing Federal and state firearms regulations. Although the new law allows for open-carry within the park, the following federal regulations remain unchanged and will continue to be strictly enforced throughout Big Bend National Park.

How much money does it cost to go to Big Bend? ›

$30 per non-commercial vehicle with a capacity of 15 or less. $15 per person traveling in a non-commercial vehicle with a capacity of 16 or more. Fees will not exceed the commercial rate for the same sized vehicle. Youth 15 and younger are free.

Does Big Bend have snakes? ›

There are 31 species of snakes found in Big Bend National Park, including 4 species of rattlesnakes. There are also three additional snakes listed as hypothetical (no confirmed sightings). After summer rains snakes may be more active. Keep in mind that all wildlife, including snakes, are protected in the park.

Why is it forbidden to sleep in car? ›

Can I legally sleep in my car? Yes, it's perfectly legal to sleep in your car, as long as you stick to a couple of rules: You must be safely parked, and not in violation of any parking restrictions. You mustn't be above the drink drive limit or under the influence of drugs.

What should you not do when sleeping in your car? ›

Sleeping in a Car Safety Tips
  1. Text somebody your location before going to sleep. ...
  2. Never park on the side of the road.
  3. Try to create a sleeping surface that is as flat and long as possible. ...
  4. Do not leave the car running or leave the key in the “on” position overnight to use the climate control.
16 Oct 2020

Where can I sleep on my car on a road trip? ›

Sleep in Business Parking Lots and Rest Areas

Plus, they are free and often encourage car / RV parking! Some places in the US that often allow overnight parking are Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, Home Depot, Lowes, Cabelas, Cracker Barrel, Kmart, truck stops and rest areas, casinos, and religious buildings.


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