Wire Nut Size Chart - Guide for DIY Electrical Projects (2023)

Connecting two cables to one connector can be a bit tricky.

It's easy to go wrong and you can't make mistakes when working on an electrical project.

This is where wire nuts come in and they can help keep you straight.

Wire nuts connect electrical wires for home, commercial and industrial wiring. They are also known as winged wire nuts, swivel connectors, andMaretten.

But it's not that simple...

Knowing the wire nut size chart is one thing, but you need to be absolutely sure when doing this type of work.

Equipping yourself with the correct connectors can be difficult.

But do not worry.

If you are new to working with wire nuts, consult a wire nut sizing chart.

All you have to do is check the number of cables you are working on and then cross them.correct nut sizes.

In this article, we explain exactly how to read them.wire nut size charts, how to use them, and answer any other questions you may have.

Summary of sizes and tables of wire nuts

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When it comes to wire nuts, you need to know two things: theWire Nut Color Codemiwire nut sizes.

It is very easy to understand:

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Each of the colors, i.e. grey, blue, orange, yellow and red, and the different sizes are designed to handle different amounts of gauges and wires.

#one. The Mother Colors of the Thread

Wire Nut Size Chart - Guide for DIY Electrical Projects (2)

gray wire nut

The gray wire nut accepts up to two 22 AWG stranded wires or two 16 AWG solid wires. It is generally intended for fine stranded wire applications.

blue wire nut

The blue one is slightly larger than the gray wire nut. HeBlue Wire Nut Capacitycan accommodate up to three 16 AWG solid wires.

This is the preferred yarn of choice forballast cable connectionsand is considered thelarger wire nut.

Die Drahtmutter laranja

On the other hand, this bare wire nut is best when you need to connect at least one size #18 and #20 wire.

It can take up to 4 #16 and 1 #20 AWG wires. Orange wire nuts are typically used to connect fans and lights to jumper wires.

yellow wire nut

The yellow wire nut is the best choice when you need to connect four #14 wires and one #18 wire.

You can use these wire nuts for copper to copper, aluminum to aluminum, and copper to aluminum connections.

The red thread nut

The last of the mother colors of wool is red. HeRed Wire Nut Capacitysleeps up to 2 #10 and 2 #12.

If you need to join three #10 wires together, this is the wire nut of choice.

Like its yellow counterpart, you can use the red wire nut for copper-to-copper, aluminum-to-aluminum, and copper-to-aluminum connections.

#two. wire nut sizes

As cable connectors come in different sizes, the cable connectors are also designed to accommodate these different sizes of cables.

An incorrectly sized nut (too large or too small for the number of connected wires) can cause a bad connection.

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What's worse?

It could even cause a fire. And you can't have it and you can't afford it either.

#3. wire gauge

The wires are what you hook onto or into the wire nuts. This also refers to the thickness of the wire and indicates the current a wire can handle.

Your wire gauges can be the electrical and mechanical aspects of the current.

Today, two systems measure the measuring device: theAmerican Wire Gauge or AWGIt's inStandard or SWG wire gauge.

How to use a wire nut size chart

Connecting wires is simple but critical electrical work, and you need the right size nut.

for example, forInstall a pendant light, they work mainly on three untwisted threads in black, copper and white.

A red wire connector usually (but not always) holds them in place.

Installation involves connecting three wires from the light fixture to the three wires running from the ceiling and connecting to the main power source.

These three wires are typically #14 AWG wires with a diameter of 1.628mm.

The yellow wire nut size is the best wire nut that can provide a tight fit.

You may be wondering why:

It's not too tight that you twist the threads, and not too loose that the threads come off easily.

DieYellow Wire Nut Capacityhas a minimum of 2 #18 and a maximum of 4 #14 and 1 #18. You can use it for #18 to #12 diameter wire.

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You might also consider using a wire nut on a switch plate.

It is allowed?

yes, highNational Electrical Code (NEC) Order, you can use wire nuts on your breaker panel!


wire gauges

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Before determining which color and size of wire splice to use, you must ensure that the total number of all conductors in your wiring space is 40% or less of their cross section.

Additionally, the total number of conductors, splices, and/or branches installed in that particular section must occupy less than 75% of the space.

After checking these two parameters, you can check the wire gauge to choose the most suitable wire nut.

Orange and yellow are mainly used in a switch panel.

Here is another example.

You will find a box of blue wire nuts at Home Depot marked with four number 10's.

This means that a maximum of 4 #10 wires or equivalent 2.588mm diameter wires can be twisted and connected into a single blue wire nut, as shown in the table above.

You may not exceed the capacity of any cable as this may cause an electrical malfunction in your system.

Table of minimum and maximum sizes of AWG wire nuts

Wire Nut Size Chart - Guide for DIY Electrical Projects (4)

frequent questions

#one. Does the size of the threaded nut matter?

Yes, the size of the wire nut is important and will make a big difference in the reliability and security of your cables.

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Choosing an ill-fitting wire nut will result in loose or loose wire connectors and intermittent power problems. There could even be a fire.

To avoid this problem, select the correct size threaded nut using the table or recommendation of the threaded nut manufacturer.

It's also important to install the correct size lug nuts, and this video may serve as an update:

#two. Do you need to twist the wires before the wire nut?

Today most new cable connectors come pre-stranded. Some don't even require you to twist the wires.

However, for a better mechanical connection, it is better to twist the wires together before inserting the wire nut.

This extra step can prevent wires from prematurely pulling out of wire connectors.

Twisting the wires is particularly recommended if you have multiple gauges of wire or a mix of stranded and solid wires in one connector.

#3. How many threads can you put in a threaded nut?

The number of threads for a given nut depends on its capacity. You must check the wire combinations for a specific wire nut color.

There is usually a standard combination of threads for each color-coded threaded nut.

However, please refer to the attached wire nut size table that the manufacturer ships with the product.

However, this is still worth it, as there may be small discrepancies. Although for most wire nuts, three threads is the safest combination for a wire nut.

Wire nuts play a crucial role in electronics, but they can only do their job efficiently if you choose the right size and color.

With the right choice of wire nuts, you can have a better and neater electrical wiring system.

(Video) How to properly use a wire nut.

You can also make sure that all connections are securely mounted inside the wire nut.


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